Terms and Conditions

1 Exhibition Stand Order
1.1 Subsea Valley, hereinafter referred to as the Organizer, hosts the Exhibition at the SSV Conference, and lets exhibition space to Exhibitors on the terms and conditions outlined herein.
1.2 By completing an Exhibition Stand Order, the Exhibitor agrees to the terms and conditions set forth in this document.

2 Exhibition Arena and Auxiliary Service Provider
2.1 The Exhibition takes place at Telenor Arena. Auxiliary services, including lighting and electricity, is provided.

3 Responsibilities of the Organizer
3.1 The Organizer will allocate exhibition space to the Exhibitor in accordance with the Exhibitors requests as outlined in the Exhibition Stand Order. The Organizer will provide the Exhibitor with a confirmation of the Exhibition Stand Order once the Organizer has allocated stands to all exhibitors.
3.2 The Organizer will endeavour to meet all requests for Stand space from Exhibitors making reservation prior to the application deadline published on the SSV Conference website, but reserves the right to make minor amendments if needed. The Organizer reserves the right to adjust exhibition area or close registration if fully booked prior to the application deadline.
3.3 Organizer will provide security for the Exhibition arena from the last day of preparations and throughout the Exhibition. The Organizer carries no responsibility for the Exhibitor’s goods, equipment nor any third party’s property. The Exhibitor should thus ensure that such equipment and goods are covered by adequate insurance.

4 Electricity
4.1 The Organizer will provide normal lighting in the exhibition hall. Additional lighting and/or electricity is available to the Exhibitor at an additional cost.
4.2 Contractual Partner shall perform all work in respect of electricity and/or lighting in the Exhibition hall. Neither the Exhibitor nor any other service provider shall carry out such work.
4.3 Sharing electricity or light with a neighbouring stand is not permitted.

5 Responsibilities of the Exhibitor
5.1 The Exhibitor shall cause all Stand equipment to be delivered and installed in the allotted exhibition space no later than 30 minutes prior to the opening of the Exhibition.
5.2 The Exhibitor may not make changes in the exhibition facilities, inventory or other property. The Exhibitor shall protect the floor against oil spills, paints and all other chemicals at all times. The floor may be covered by carpets, linoleum, vinyl or other material, provided always that no gluing, stapling, drilling or other invasive procedure is used on the floor. Bolting into floors, walls, columns or roofs/ceiling is not permitted.
5.3 The Exhibitor shall provide adequate personnel to meet and discuss with visitors at all times during the opening hours of the Exhibition. The exhibitor’s stand shall never be left unmanned during opening hours. Presence outside normal opening hours is not permitted.
5.4 The Exhibitor shall maintain the stand until the end of the Exhibition, as outlined in the final Programme for SSV Conference.
5.5 Exhibitor shall keep the Stand and all Exhibitors stand equipment clean at all times. Exhibition space may not be sub-let.

6 Arena regulations and public areas
6.1 The Exhibitor must follow all regulations for Public areas as set out by Organizer.
6.2 The Exhibitor must follow all regulations for the Exhibition Arena as set out by Telenor Arena, the police, fire authorities and/or other regulatory authority.

7 Exhibition Stand Fee
7.1 The Exhibition Stand Fee consist of the Registration Fee and Stand Fee, as detailed in section 7.2 below.
7.2 The Registration Fee is NOK 4.000 (exclusive of VAT) and is irrespective of Stand size.
The Stand Fee is NOK 3.350 per m2 (exclusive of VAT).
6 sqm (3×2) NOK 20.100
9 sqm (3×3) NOK 30.150
12 sqm (3×4) NOK 40.200
15 sqm (3×5) NOK 50.250
20 sqm (4×5) NOK 67.000
30 sqm (10×3) NOK 100.500
50 sqm (10*5) NOK 167.500
70 sqm (10×7) NOK 234.500

8 Payment
8.1 Exhibition Stand Fee is payable within 30 days of the invoice date. 25 % Norwegian VAT will be added to the Exhibtion Stand Fee.
8.2 Total outstanding will be invoiced upon receipt of Exhibition Stand Order.

9 Exhibitors Cancellation
9.1 The Exhibitor may cancel the Exhibition Stand Order by written notification to the Organizer, sent to conference@subseavalley.com.
9.2 Exhibitors Cancellation does not entitle the Exhibitor to a refund of any Registration Fee.
9.3 Exhibitors Cancellation will entitles the Exhibitor a refund of Stand Fee, as follows:
9.3.1 If received by Organizer prior to 1 January 2019 – 100 % refund.
9.3.2 If received by Organizer the 2 January 2019 through 31 January 2019 – 50 % refund.
9.3.3 If received on or after 1 February 2019 – no refund.

10 Late payment and other Breach of Contract
10.1 Late payment of Exhibition Stand Fee is subject to interest at a rate of twelve per cent per annum.
10.2 The Organizer may cancel the Exhibition Stand Order in case of the late payment of Exhibition Stand Fee and/or other material breach of contract by the Exhibitor.
10.3 The Organizers Cancellation due to late payment shall entitle the Exhibitor to a Stand Fee refund on the same terms as under section 7 Exhibitors Cancellation.
10.4 The Organizer shall notify Exhibitor of any such cancellation in writing through the contact details as outlined in the Order form
10.5 The Exhibitor is responsible for any breach of contract, and is liable for all losses, damages and subject to any other remedy available under Norwegian Background Law with respect to any breach of these terms and conditions, including damages on facilities and/or inventory caused by Exhibitors employees, volunteers or random helpers.

11 Force Majeure and other events beyond the control of the Organizer
11.1 The Organizer shall not be liable for any direct or indirect loss incurred by Exhibitor due to the Cancellation of the Exhibition due to force majeure, including events such as strike, fire or flooding, except for Stand Fee refund in accordance with section 7.
11.2 The Organizer shall not be liable for any direct or indirect losses incurred by Exhibitor due to force majeure nor due to other event beyond the control of the Organizer, such as power failure or loss of service in respect of water supply, heating, tele – and communications network and similar services provided by third parties. Neither shall such events entitle the Exhibitor to a refund of any Exhibition Stand Fee.

12 Choice of law. Dispute resolution
12.1 The Exhibition Order shall be governed by Norwegian law.
12.2 Disputes that may arise in connection with this agreement shall be sought resolved amicably between the Parties. Disputes that is not successfully resolves amicably shall be resolved by the ordinary courts with Oslo Municipality Court as the agreed venue of first instance.