Subsea Valley Technology Park

Free exhibition space offered for the most promising start-ups

The Subsea Valley Technology Park will once again be an innovation arena centrally located in the exhibition area at the SSV Conference 2018. The concept has been launched to stimulate innovation and showcasing new and exciting companies and ideas in the Subsea Valley axis.

The Technology Park offers small companies with unique projects the possibility to present early phase ideas, results and products to the public. This is an excellent opportunity to meet potential investors and customers.

This is also a great arena for larger companies to expose any of their good ideas that remain hidden in a drawer, and a chance to recruit the manpower to turn ideas into valuable innovations.

In addition to free exhibition space, closed and confidential one-on-one pitch meetings with professional investors, patent advisors, business developers and innovation managers from the oil & gas industry will also be available.

Download our Technology Park brochure here.

Applications for the Technology Park 2018 will be opened beginning 2018