How do I submit my electric reading?

How do I upload my electric meter reading?

On the MSEDCL Mobile app, the Consumers can click on the ‘submit meter reading’ button and if they have more than one consumer number, they will have to select the meter number for which they want to submit the reading. The Consumer will have to enter the meter number there.

How do I send a self meter reading?

If you wish to submit your meter reading via SMS then you have to send MR <your account number> <meter reading> and send it to 7065313030.

When should I submit my electricity reading?

You can submit your meter readings three days before 5pm on your scheduled meter reading date. SP Utilities Portal — Log on to SP Utilities Portal at

How do I submit a meter reading to Electric Ireland?

To submit a meter reading for electricity or gas over the phone, simply call 1800 372 372. All you will need is your electricity meter reading, the name on your Electric Ireland bill and the account number on your bill.

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How do I send self meter reading via SMS?

Consumers can send the SMS as MREAD <12 digit customer number> to the mobile number 9930399303.

How do I submit a Msedcl reading?

Consumers can simply text MREAD<SPACE><12 digit consumer number><SPACE><KWH reading upto 8 digits> sms on 9930399303 well before the meter reading date mentioned on their previous bills. This facility will be available for lockdown period only.

How do you get a meter reading from a smart meter?

To read the meter:

  1. press the middle button – it should say ‘R1’
  2. write down the number below ‘IMP’ from left to right – this is usually your night or ‘off-peak’ reading.
  3. press the middle button again – it should say ‘R2’
  4. write down the number below ‘IMP’ from left to right – this is usually your day or ‘peak’ reading.

Can you read a smart meter yourself?

If you prefer to take electricity and gas readings for yourself, here’s how you can check how much energy you’re using by reading your smart meter. You can read your smart meter by taking a look at your in-house smart meter display unit.

How do I submit my meter reading to Keppel Electric?

For a more accurate reading of your electricity consumption during this period, you may also submit your meter readings via the following modes:

  1. SP Utilities mobile app ( app)
  2. SP Utilities Portal (
  3. Whatsapp (+65 8482 8636)
  4. Email (

What happens if you don’t submit meter readings?

If you don’t send your supplier regular meter readings, it will create an estimated bills based on what it thinks you have used. This could be more or less than your actual usage, which will lead to you paying the wrong amount and either being in debt or credit to your supplier.

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How do I submit my meter reading to geneco?

Meter is read once every two months. On the months your bill is based on estimated readings, you can submit your meter readings through SP Utilities app, or submit a photo of your meter (clearly showing the meter reading and meter number) to SP via WhatsApp at 8482 8636.