Best answer: How do I credit my electric meter?

How do I put money on my electric meter?

How do I top up for the first time?

  1. Put your key or card into the meter for at least a minute to activate it.
  2. Top up your key or card at a convenient Payzone or Post Office.
  3. Put the key or card into your meter. Electricity credit will transfer automatically.

Can you top up a prepayment meter Online?

Topping up a smart prepayment meter

If you’ve got a smart meter (SMETS1 or SMETS2) installed in your home, you can top up your electricity and gas remotely from anywhere, without having to leave the comfort of your home. No queues, no fuss. There are two ways you can do this – online or via the Shell Energy Top Up app.

What happens if I run out of credit on my electric meter?

Once you’ve run out of credit, your energy will disconnect and go off supply – but don’t worry, as soon as you top up, it should automatically reconnect when you insert your key or card into the meter again.

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How can I recharge my prepaid meter with credit card?

Recharging directly with your smart card

  1. Where your meter is located, open the card door of your meter monitor and carefully insert the smart card in the proper direction indicated on the card.
  2. You must ensure that the control box is connected to a power source while attempting to recharge.

How do I pay my prepaid meter?

How to recharge prepaid meter using bank mobile applications

  1. Log in to your mobile bank application.
  2. Click on the pay electrical bill feature.
  3. Pick the electricity distribution company with which your prepaid meter is registered.
  4. Fill in your prepaid meter number and the amount you wish to purchase.

Where can I top up my prepayment meter?

When your key is activated, you can top it up at either the Post Office or a shop which offers PayPoint or Payzone. Some electricity providers only use PayPoint and some only use Payzone, so it’s important to check before you go to top up. Find your nearest PayPoint and Payzone.

How do I activate emergency credit on electric meter EDF?

Just insert your key or card to release the emergency credit. A prepayment meter normally has £6 of emergency credit. (This amount may vary, so please contact us to check.) You can then pay back the value of any emergency credit you’ve used the next time you top up your key or card.

How do I top up my electric SSE without my card?

If you haven’t got your card to hand, contact us and we’ll give this to you over the phone. You can also give us your email address and phone number. If we’ve got your email address, we’ll be able to send you a receipt for your top-up payment. Next, you’ll need to enter your payment details.

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How do I top up my electric meter Brunei DST?

SMS your 11-digit meter number followed by “*” or “#” and the 16-digit ‘Recharge Code Number’ to 8742200. You will receive an SMS with the 20-digit Token Code. You may now enter the 20-digit Token Code to top up your prepaid meter. In case of difficulties, please call (673) 2393357 / 58.

Why is my smart meter not topping up?

Why isn’t my top up showing on my meter or IHD? It’s normal for smart meters to lose signal from time to time, just like mobile phones. This means it might take longer than usual for your top-up to show up as energy credit.

What does e credit mean on smart meter?

Your IHD will alert you when either your gas or electricity is getting low on credit. Simply press the ‘E-Credit’ button to get your emergency credit. … If you still don’t top up your meter, you’ll run out of credit and you’ll see this screen.

How do I borrow a prepaid meter credit?

Simply key in #414# and ENTER on your prepaid meter to borrow units. The catch is that this code is only valid for prepaid meter users and can only be used once.

How do I activate emergency credit?

Insert (or take out and re-insert) your key into your electricity meter. This will activate the emergency credit. You’ll need to pay back the emergency credit and anything else you owe to return to normal use. To find out the smallest amount you’ll need to top up, press the ‘display’ button on your meter once.

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How much is the standing charge on a prepayment meter?

The amount of the standing charge depends on where you live and what tariff and supplier you have. It’s usually around 28p a day.