How do you tie down an electric blanket?

Place the Electric Blanket onto the mattress with the controller/s at the HEAD END but towards the foot end of the bed. The control switches should be below the Electric Blanket at the head end. Unroll the tie tapes and pass the tapes under the bed as shown in the diagrams below.

What does tie down electric blanket mean?

Non-fitted electric blankets (also known as ‘tie-down’ blankets) do not fit around the corners of your mattress. Instead, they lie on top of the mattress and usually come with ties to help keep them in place.

Is it safe to fold an electric blanket?

Set up an electric blanket safely

Friction could damage the cord or electricity running through the cord could become trapped there, creating a fire hazard. Spread out the electric blanket so that it lays flat. It should never be folded, rolled up or bunched up in any way.

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Should an electric blanket go over or under a mattress topper?

Do electric blankets go under the mattress topper? No, we recommend that you use your electric blanket on top of your mattress topper. If you put it under the mattress topper, it might not pose a risk but it certainly won’t transfer heat nearly as well as you would like.

Can I put a blanket on top of my electric blanket?

Can You Put a Blanket Over an Electric Blanket? Heating blankets should always be placed over a blanket, never under another blanket or under yourself. Doing so can increase the risk of overheating.

What are the strings for on an electric blanket?

When the blanket is plugged in and switched on, these wires activate and heat the surrounding fabric and bed.

What is the difference between a fitted and non fitted electric blanket?

A fitted electric blanket sits under your covers and fits around your mattress. Be sure to closely match the blanket with the size of your bed to ensure it fits properly and doesn’t move around. Non-fitted electric blankets lie on top of your mattress with straps to hold them in place.

Can you put an electric blanket on a futon?

Be careful with pointed or sharp objects that could damage the heating element. Some models can’t be used on futons, rubber or foam mattresses, a water bed or under a mattress protector. Don’t use an electric blanket for an infant, an immobile person or someone insensitive to heat.

Is it OK to plug an electric blanket into an extension cord?

Do not use an extension cord or power strip, which could overheat and result in a fire. DON’T use electric blankets while sleeping or as a mattress pad. … DON’T fold an electric blanket when it’s in use. Folded or tucked blankets could overheat and cause a fire.

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Why are heated blankets bad for you?

Heated blankets are regular blankets that contain wires within that heat them up. They may pose a risk for fires and burns. … However, heated blankets pose a high risk of burn injuries and fires when the recommended precautions are not followed. Electric blankets pose a risk of miscarriage in pregnant women.

Can you put an electric blanket on upside down?

No it can not. Blanket must have label on bottom facing up, won’t work if its turned over.

Will an electric blanket damage a memory foam mattress?

There aren’t any health risks to using an electric blanket with a memory foam mattress, but a fitted electric blanket can stop your memory foam from properly moulding around your body. Heat from an electric blanket can also interfere with the shaping of some memory foam mattresses.

Can you use electric blanket with foam underlay?

Yes! The issue with electric blankets and memory foam mattresses isn’t one of safety. Using an electric blanket with a memory foam mattress is perfectly safe and won’t put you at risk.

Can I leave my Silent Night electric blanket on all night?

The electric blanket is made from 100% polyester which is soft to touch but durable, providing added comfort to your mattress. Featuring three heat settings that you can adjust to set the temperature that is just right for you. … 10 minutes heat-up time. Suitable for all night use.