Best answer: How do you remove an inset from an electrical fire?

In order to fully remove an electric fireplace insert you’ll need to disconnect it from the electrics. What is this? This can often be done by simply unplugging the fireplace from the electrical outlet that it’s plugged into.

How do you remove an electric fireplace insert?

Take a crowbar and remove the trim around the insert. When you can access the gas line, remove it as well. Then, carefully wiggle the insert out of the fireplace and remove it.

How do you remove an electric fire surround?

To start removing one of these fireplace surrounds, you will have to chip away the plaster around the edge of the mantelpiece. This should reveal the lugs holding it to the wall. You can then go about removing the screws, which should start to release the surround from the wall.

Do you need a hole in the wall for an electric fireplace?

As with all electric fires, you need to ensure there is access to an electric socket, drilling a hole in the wall towards the socket if necessary. Most wall-hung electric fires will come with some kind of template that shows you where you need to drill and insert cables.

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What is inset electric fire?

An inset fire is a fire that sits in a recess in your wall or chimney opening. This means they sit flush against the wall, rather than extending out onto the hearth. You can get both inset electric fires and gas fires, including flueless inset gas fires.

Can you remove a fireplace insert?

A wood-burning fireplace insert must be removed when your fireplace and chimney enclosure need cleaning. … Most wood-burning fireplace inserts are heavy and are secured to the enclosure with screws or bolts. If you don’t want to hire a professional to remove the fireplace insert, you can attempt to remove it yourself.

Can you remove electric fireplace?

Electric fireplace removal costs

As they don’t require ventilation the cost to remove an electric fireplace is mainly dictated by the placement and electrical work required. We recommend using a professional for the electric work and to move especially heavy fireplaces.

How do you remove a stone fireplace surround?

A brick or stone fire surround

A real brick or stone fire surround needs to be removed brick by brick (or stone by stone). Wearing protective gloves and safety spectacles, use a hammer and cold chisel to chip away the mortar to loosen each brick/stone starting at the end of the top course, work your way along and down.

How easy is it to change a fireplace surround?

The fire surround is often the easiest place to start, as you don’t need to worry about gas pipes or brickwork. Here, some paint, new accessories or even a whole new surround can go a long way when you need an easy fireplace update.

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How do you hide electric fire wires?

So there’s more than one way to conceal the power cable.

  1. Floor Rug. If you’re using your free standing electric fire against a blank wall just position the rug over the power cord to hide it from view and prevent anyone from tripping on it. …
  2. Rubber Floor Cable Cover. …
  3. Wall Inserts.

How high off the floor should an electric fireplace be?

To achieve the electric fireplace’s visual effect at eye level from a seated position, the Floor’s recommended distance should be about 40-42″ off the Floor. This is a comfortable enough distance and precisely places the flames in your sight from a seated position.

What is the average height of an electric fireplace?

Generally, this will put the bottom of a linear fireplace 12 to 30 inches off the floor. However, if the fireplace is going to be next to a dining area, we suggest that the bottom of the fireplace be 36 inches off the floor, so that the chair backs don’t hide the flames.

Do inset electric fires need a flue?

While a chimney isn’t necessary, most electric fire suites will require you to do some drilling or structural work, especially if you need to create a cavity for an inset electric fire.

What is the best electric inset fire?

The most realistic flame effects available for electric fires right now are:

  • Radia Flame 3D.
  • RadiaFlame with Omniglide.
  • Celsi 3-Sided Electriflame VR.
  • Celsi Puraflame.
  • Celsi Ultiflame VR.
  • Dimplex Optiflame.
  • Dimplex Opti-myst.

Do electric fires use a lot of electricity?

How Much Does an Electric Fire Cost to Run? Many people assume that electric fires cost a lot to run. This is down to the fact that electricity usually has a higher unit cost than gas. While this is true, it is worth bearing in mind that modern electric fireplaces are 100% efficient and have a low installation cost.

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