Portrait Sverre Overå
Northern Lights includes ship transport of liquid CO2from jetty facilities at the capture locations to an onshore interim storage facility at Naturgassparken at Kollsnes on the west coast of Norway. The liquid CO2will be pumped, heated and exported through a subsea pipeline before injection into the Aurora formation 80km offshore through subsea facilities and well(s).

The capture projects at FOV (Klemetsrud) and Norcem aim to remove CO2 from industrial processes, each with capacities of approximately 400 Kt/y. Northern Lights infrastructure initially caters for up to 1.5 Mt/y, with upscaling potential to more than 5 Mt/y in order to allow additional CO2 volumes entering the storage part of the chain.

With the open access and potential for expansion, Northern Lights has the potential to be the first storage project in the world receiving CO2from industrial sources in several countries.

Northern Lights targets investment decisions by project owners and the Norwegian Parliament in 2020.

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