Exploration: Outer space and ocean space

Exploring outer space and ocean space has mutually inspired researchers and entrepreneurs in both fields for decades. The synergies are obvious. Both environments are extreme, challenging to access, and
dangerous for humans to operate in. Exploring extreme environments calls for superior yet reliable technology, robust yet adaptable operational procedures, acceptance of risk yet the ability to manage it.

Pascal Lee will draw from the history of human exploration, from polar to space exploration, to derive some of the fundamental rules of success in exploration. As we celebrate the 50 th Anniversary of humanity’s first moon landings, he will discuss the exploration challenges of NASA’s Apollo program, and how risk was managed via a careful balance between bold yet pragmatic thinking, operational flexibility yet rigorous planning, new technologies vs mature systems, to achieve one of humanity’s greatest feats. He will also describe the new space challenges that lie ahead, from our return to the Moon to future human journeys to Mars, and how they will be met.

Asgeir Sørensen will show how our understanding and corresponding management of the oceans is crucial for all life on earth. Still large parts of the oceans are unknown. New instruments and sensor carrying platforms are contributing to reveal the dynamic processes taking place in spatial and temporal scales with 2-3 orders of magnitude higher than before. Heterogenous robotic systems such as autonomous underwater vehicles, surface ships to aerial and satellites have been enabler for research on areas such as acoustics and optical sensors, inertia platforms, control & autonomy, big data analytics, and modelling. He will also show how key success factors are passion, courage and excellence in all aspects of operations and technology where interdisciplinarity is a must.

In this master class you will meet two experts who, together, will take you on a journey through outer space and ocean space with, optionally, safe return to earth again.
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