Delivering complex digital solutions at scale

Delivering digital solutions at scale for Oil and Gas and other asset-intensive industries often proves challenging. The industries are yet to see projects moving past proofs of concept and trials. In addition to challenges related to network bandwidth, limitations also come from scarce and unlabeled data sets, data locked in siloed legacy systems and cultural issues. Delivering business transformation projects with a business value in focus takes certain steps and approach. During this masterclass, experts from Cognizant and Cognite will share practical advice on what it takes to execute digital transformation projects and scale the value of delivery beyond proof of concept – all powered by access to liberated data.

Speakers: Manoj Mathew, Cognizant, Partner Industry 4.0 and Petteri Vainikka, Cognite, VP Product Marketing

Manoj Mathew
Manoj Mathew is a Cognizant Partner for Industry 4.0 who focuses on the product, manufacturing, service and logistics space. He has over 14 years of experience defining and delivering  connected product solutions for mission-critical applications such as deep-water drilling, connected car solutions, gas turbine monitoring, autonomous agriculture and building-monitoring solutions. His current focus is on smart products, smarter businesses – helping manufacturers transform their processes to leverage ever-increasing pools of sensor data and live telemetry. Manoj is an electrical engineer and is based in the Netherlands.

Petteri Vainikka
Petteri Vainikka is VP Product Marketing at Cognite. Petteri has a MSc in technology from Aalto University in Helsinki, a degree in higher education pedagogics, and a PhD in computer science currently on hold. His professional career spans across early smartphone, internet, data management and other enterprise SaaS technologies, where he has always found himself at the intersection of emerging transformational technology development and its commercial application for customers. Prior to Cognite, Petteri has worked in senior product management, marketing, sales and general management positions at Sumea, Digital Chocolate, Rovio, Aalto University, Leiki, Enreach, Cxense and Ardoq.

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