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Application of AI and Machine Learning in the Oil & Gas Industry

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning holds the promise of improving productivity and cost efficiency through automation and Big Data decision-support, and is emerging as one of the most transformative technologies across various industries. The main objective of this session will be to provide insights on how engineers can be empowered by machine learning to achieve multiple objectives: produce fit for purpose designs in less time, allow non-experts to perform complex maintenance tasks, and determine optimum drilling locations.

Aurelio D‘Inverno

Aurelio is Head of Business Analytics and Insight Europe at Cognizant and is responsible for Strategy, Thought Leadership and Operations. He is shaping the Artificial Intelligence Agenda for Europe and bringing Cognizant’s view to our top clients across Industries with an appropriate mix of business, human centricity, technology and architecture.

He is helping top clients to improve customer experience, optimizing their business and reap the benefits of the digital economy.

His day to day work involves Deal Structuring and Review, Solution Shaping and Review, Client Presentations, Digital Transformation, Outsourcing, P&L management, People Management, Escalation Management, Financial Engineering for large projects, Partnerships Development, Analysts Engagements and M&A activities.

Aurelio joined Cognizant in 2011 where he has built the practice almost from scratch, for Continental Europe and Middle East. Prior to Cognizant he built a career with Procter & Gamble, Dow Chemical and a few other Cognizant competitors. He is passionate about the future and tends to frame his thinking within long term views.

Eli Y. Kling

Eli is Director of Cognizant Digital Business/ AI & Analytics/ Data Science Delivery and has 30 years of experience of applying advanced statistical techniques, guiding and driving evidence based business decisions and processes. He has been involved in varied analytical solutions for a wide scope of industries such as Telco, Pharma, Insurance, Government, Military, Utilities, Consumer Goods Manufacturers, and Oil & Gas.

At Cognizant, Eli focuses on delivering advanced machine learning projects. He is a hands on Data Science Solution Architect and delivery team leader. Usually he is the first one “on the ground” assessing the pains to be addressed, designing an approach and working out a road map to implementation. Eli has lead key strategic projects across Europe that usually involved developing novel data science approaches and ensuring they reach the production stage.

Eli has a BSc in Industrial Engineering (Statistics & Operations Research), A MSc and PHD in applied Statistics.

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