The SSV Conference Masterclasses are in-depth sessions offering the latest views and knowledge from national and international top experts, covering the particulars and specifics of carefully selected, highly interesting topics. This year also giving special attention to some of the most profiled and promising development projects in the industry.

The experts will be speakers as well as sparring-partners, engaging the audience in discussions and details, inspiring to rethink the future.

More Masterclasses will be launched towards energy:connected´19!

Masterclasses 2019 will include the following top experts:

Northern Lights
Northern LightsSverre Overå
Project Director Northern Lights, Equinor
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Application of AI and Machine Learning in the Oil and Gas Industry
Application of AI and Machine Learning in the Oil and Gas IndustryAurelio O'Inverno and Eli Y. King
Head of Business Analytics & insight Europe, Cognizant, and Director of Cognizant Digital Business/AI Analytics/Data Science Delivery
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Exploration: Outer Space and Ocean Space
Exploration: Outer Space and Ocean SpaceDr. Pascal Lee and Prof. Asgeir Sørensen
Co-Founder and Chairman, Mars Institute & Director of the Haughton-Mars Project, NASA Ames

Professor and Director, Centre for Autonomous Marine Operations & Systems NTNU

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Design Thinking and Energy
Design Thinking and EnergyPer Ivar Selvaag
Head of Design, Digital Center of Excellence, Equinor
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