Design thinking is a making-based approach to problem-solving that’s rooted in human empathy and done in collaborative, multidisciplinary teams. At frog, we believe that design thinking is less about a method of working and more about a mindset. This mindset allows us to be open to new possibilities and derive generative insights from behavioural, business/market, and technology lenses within the space of change and complexity. When we are aiming for innovation, we may find ourselves in a place of ambiguity. By holding a design thinking posture, we are prepared to embrace the unknown and not be afraid of it. This approach to our work assumes that we won’t block new ways of viewing these challenges, encourages us to test the limits, requires that we build prototypes to test or validate our ideas, and mandates that we explore possibilities with an openness to failure in order to come up with innovative products and services that can advance the human experience.
This master class offers a deeper dive into design thinking topics such as:

  • How to understand your users better in a trust-based business
  • How to be a design thinking leader to integrate design thinking into your culture and organisation
  • How design thinking relates to gaining and maintaining your workforce
  • How design thinking can impact your business model and bottom line

Kara Pecknold
Kara Pecknold is a Creative Director and Design Research lead at frog with more then 15 years of experience. She has had the opportunity to work across a variety of sectors from energy, education and international development to health, automotive and financial services. Some recent project highlights include a global research and design program on the future of automotive retail for a major OEM and the design of new business concepts for a major European power utility (RWE). She is also the global lead for the Collective Action Toolkit, a collaboration and creativity tool that helps teams explore design thinking to create impact in their workplaces and communities. Prior to frog, she pursued her Master’s degree in Design and ran her own design research consultancy in Vancouver, Canada. She speaks, teaches and writes on design thinking methods as well as building creative capabilities within organisations. She is excited about the new developments in oil and gas where startups and major companies are collaborating together to invest in improvements for product, service and sustainable futures.

Moderator: Morten Jensen, Digital Innovation Program Manager, Schlumberger

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