You asked: Why is the electric field always at right angles to the equipotential surface explain?

Electric field is always at right angle to equipotential surface because there is no potential gradient along any direction along any direction parallel to the surface and so no electric field parallel to the surface .

Why is the electric field always perpendicular to equipotential surfaces?

Since the electric field lines point radially away from the charge, they are perpendicular to the equipotential lines. … The potential is the same along each equipotential line, meaning that no work is required to move a charge anywhere along one of those lines.

What is the angle between electric field and equipotential surface?

The angle between the electric field and the equipotential surface is always 90. The equipotential surface is always perpendicular to the electric field.

Why do field lines intersect equipotential lines and conductive surfaces at right angles?

Here’s why. If all points along an equipotential line are at the same potential, then no charge would move along them. The electric field line shows the direction of the electrostatic force on a charge. Since there’s no component of force along an equipotential line, field lines must intersect them at right angles.

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Why is electric field perpendicular to magnetic field?

Also according to Faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction, changing magnetic field will create an electric field perpendicular to it’s direction. That is why in an electromagnetic wave, electric and magnetic fields promote each other in directions perpendicular to themselves. So they are perpendicular.

What is the angle between the electric dipole moment and the electric field due to it on the axial line?

Hence the angle between the electric fields due to dipole on its axial line is 180°.

What is the angle between the direction of electric field at any axial point?

The angle between the direction of electric field at any axial point and equatorial point due an electric dipole is 180∘.

What is the angle of electric field?

The angle between Electric field and an equipotential surface is always 90. This is because,when the potential becomes constant,the negative potential gradient also becomes zero,hence necessitating the need for Electric field to be always normal with surface.

Why the electric field lines never cross each others?

Electric lines of force never intersect because, at the point of intersection, two tangents can be drawn to the two lines of force. This means two directions of the electric field at the point of intersection, which is not possible.

Is the electric field always perpendicular to the magnetic field?

The magnetic field of the electromagnetic wave is perpendicular to the electric field and has magnitude Brad = Erad/c. For electromagnetic waves E and B are always perpendicular to each other and perpendicular to the direction of propagation.

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What happens when electric and magnetic fields are perpendicular?

The motion of a charged particle in the electric and magnetic field. In case of motion of a charge in a magnetic field, the magnetic force is perpendicular to the velocity of the particle. … The perpendicular force, q v × B, acts as a centripetal force and produces a circular motion perpendicular to the magnetic field.