You asked: Is electric force conservative?

The most familiar conservative forces are gravity, the electric force (in a time-independent magnetic field, see Faraday’s law), and spring force.

Why electric field is a conservative force?

The work done to carry a test charge (q) from point A to another point B in the field due to Q does not depend upon the path followed. Electric field depends upon the initial and final positions A and B. Electric fields are independent of the path followed. So we say that the electric field is conservative in nature.

Is electric field conservative or nonconservative?

Specifically, the induced electric field is nonconservative because it does net work in moving a charge over a closed path, whereas the electrostatic field is conservative and does no net work over a closed path.

Which of the following electric fields are conservative?

The conservative nature of electrostatic fields establishes the electrostatic field as a conservative field. This opens the door for conservation of energy and the work-kinetic energy theorem in discussions of electric fields and electric forces.

What is the conservative nature of electric field?

The conservative nature of electric field means that the work done to move a charge from one point to another point in electric field is independent of path, but it depends only on the initial and final positions of the charge.

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How do you know if an electric field is conservative?

Note: The electric field is conservative in nature. We can prove this by proving that the work done by an electric field depends only on the starting and the ending points of the cycle but not on the path taken by the electric field.

Is gravitational force conservative?

If the work done by a force depends only on initial and final positions, not on the path between them, the force is called a conservative force. Gravity force is “a” conservative force. “Spring force” is another conservative force.

Can electric field inside a conductor be non zero?

Can the electric field inside a conductor be non zero? The answer is NO. Electric field inside a conductor is always zero. Reason: The electricity conducting free electrons are only present on the external surface of the conductor.

Is electrostatic force conservative in nature?

Electrostatic force is non-conservative.

Is frictional force is a conservative force?

Friction is non-conservative because the amount of work done by friction depends on the path. One can associate a potential energy with a conservative force but not with a non-conservative force.

Is nuclear force conservative?

Practically speaking, nuclear force is not a conservative force. As conservation of force holds good at weak interaction but since nuclear force is extremely strong in nature and the interaction is in micro levels , at the level of quarks.

Is curl of electric field always zero?

For an electrically charged body, the net outflow integral is never zero. So the curl must be zero since lines of force do not form closed curves but diverge or converge. Since curl E =0, E can be expressed a gradient of a scalar potential V since curl grad V always vanishes.

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