Why telephone wires are kept loose between electric poles?

Telephone wires are kept slightly loose when they are laid because of heat. … Therefore, without a slack, they could become too tight and break in winters or pull loose from their anchors in summers. This is the reason why wires are kept slightly loose when they are laid.

Why are telephone wires left loose between poles?

During transmission of electricity, heat is being dissipated. The heat generated by cables is being minimized via high voltage transmission. … So, the cables are loose so that even if contraction should occur, there won’t be much tension which would lead to the damage of the cables.

Why are telephone and electrical wires tied loosely?

the wires are made of aluminium which has a property of contracting during winter season. so to avoid breakage of these wires they are fixed loosely between two poles.

Why are telephone wires slack?

Why do the telephone wires get slackened in summer and get tightened in winter? In summers due to excessive heat, the temperature of the wire increases and wires expand. Also, Young’s modulus decreases and hence wires slack down. In winter, the temperature of wires decrease and wires contract.

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What happens to telephone wires during winter?

(a) Most telephone wires are made out of copper, which contracts with drop in temperature and hence breaks in winter if it becomes too tight between the poles.

Why do telephone wires sag more in summer?

Since metals expand with a rise in temperature, therefore telephone wires sag in summers. The wires are intentionally left a bit loose otherwise in winters they would contract and break. Thermal expansion is the tendency of materials to expand when exposed to heat.

Why are electrical wires not hung tightly?

The reason is to minimize the tension in the wire. The wires expand when exposed to intense heat from sun and contract during cold weather. Stretching the wire and connecting to the poles will make the wires loosen up and tear easily. This might lead to an accident.

Why are the electrical wires connected in the posts slightly saggy not tightly tied by the line man?

Why the electric wire that is connecting in the post outside a little bit saggy and not tightly tied? … So that it will not break once the wire will expand c. So that it will not hard for the line men to reach it.

Why telephone wires are kept tight between the two poles in winter?

Telephone wires are kept tight between the two poles in winter because the cores of overhead wires are made from copper. … The higher temperatures in summer make the copper expand – so the lines get slightly longer. In winter, the reverse happens – the lines contract and tighten up.

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Why do the electric wires or telephone wires become tight during winter and SAG little during summer?

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Telephone wires are made up of Copper. … So, during summer the rising temperature makes the copper in the wire expand – so it gets sagged. but, during winter, the scenario is completely reverse and the copper contracts and so the wire becomes tight.

Why is it recommended to allow sagging of telephone line between the poles when fixing during summer?

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Q18) Why do telephone wires sag in summer ? Solution: The telephone wires will sag in summer due to expansions. While putting up the wires between the pole care is taken care in winter they are kept light so that they may not sag too much.