Which section of Electricity Act provides for the establishment of CERC?

The regulations have been issued by the CERC in exercise of its powers under section 66 of the Electricity Act, 2003, which is aimed at taking measures conducive to development of the electricity industry, promoting competition therein, protecting interest of consumers and enhancing supply of electricity.

Which of the section is the provision for the theft of electricity in Indian Electricity Act 2003?

Section 135 talks about the acts which amount to the theft of electricity.

Which of the section in Electricity Act 2003 describe CEA Central electricity Authority )?

The functions and duties of CEA are delineated under Section 73 of the Electricity Act, 2003.

Who was the main chairman of CERC 1998 2001?

Previous Members

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S. No. Name Tenure
1 Shri A.R. Ramanathan August, 1998 – December, 2000
2 Shri D.P. Sinha August, 1998 – November, 2002
3 Shri G.S. Rajamani August, 1998 – July, 2003
4 Shri K.N. Sinha May, 2001 – May, 2006

Which section of the Electricity Act, 2003 describes about provision related to safety and electricity supply?

Section 53. Provision relating to safety and electricity supply.

What is Section 135 of electricity?

Provided also that if it is proved that any artificial means or means not authorised by the Board or licensee or supplier, as the case may be, exist for the abstraction, consumption or use of electricity by the consumer, it shall be presumed, until the contrary is proved, that any abstraction, consumption or use of …

What does Section 44 refer to?

Section 44 in The Electricity (Supply) Act, 1948. 44. Restriction on establishment of new generating stations or major additions or replacement of plant in generating stations.—

What is the purpose of Electricity Act 2003?

An Act to consolidate the laws relating to generation, transmission, distribution, trading and use of electricity and generally for taking measures conducive to development of electricity industry, promoting competition therein, protecting interest of consumers and supply of electricity to all areas, rationalisation of …

Which of the following is a role of central government under Electricity Act 2003?

Answer: The Central Government shall, from time to time, prepare & publish the national electricity policy and tariff policy plan, in consultation with the State Governments and the Authority for development of the power system based on optimal utilisation of resources such as coal, natural gas, nuclear substances or …

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What was the reason behind the inclusion of captive generation under the Electricity Act 2003?

For energy-intensive industries, captive power provides a cheaper option than power from discoms, since the discoms charge additional surcharges and cross-subsidies from industries. The Electricity Act of 2003 is an enabler for a captive generation.

Who is the chief of CERC?

List of Members and Key Staff

Designation Name (S/Shri) E-mail
Chairperson P.K.Pujari chairman[at]cercind[dot]gov[dot]in
Member Indu Shekhar Jha isjha[at]cercind[dot]gov[dot]in
Member Arun Goyal arungoyal[at]cercind[dot]gov[dot]in
Member (Law) Pravas Kumar Singh pravas[at]cercind[dot]gov[dot]in

What are the objectives of CERC?

to regulate the inter-State transmission of electricity ; to determine tariff for inter-State transmission of electricity; to issue licences to persons to function as transmission licensee and electricity trader with respect to their inter-State operations; Improve access to information for all stakeholders.

Who fixes the electricity tariff?

Electricity tariff is determined based on the provisions contained in (a) Electricity Act 2003 and (b) Tariff Policy notified by the Government of India. In case of central generating stations and where two or more states are involved, the Central Electricity Regulatory Commission determines the tariff.

What is IE Rule 70?

70. Condensers. —Suitable provision shall be made for immediate and automatic discharge of every static condenser on disconnection of supply.

What is Unauthorised use of electricity?

(1) If on an inspection of any place or premises or after inspection of the equipments, gadgets, machines, devices found connected or used, or after inspection of records maintained by any person, the assessing officer comes to the conclusion that such person is indulging in unauthorised use of electricity, he shall …

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Which law is called as the electricity law?

The Electricity (Supply) Act, 1948 deals with the statutory powers and functions of the Central Electricity Authority. State Electricity Boards and Generating Companies. 2.