Which of the following is likely to result in lower efficiency of a power station?

Which of the following is likely to result in lower efficiency of a power station Mcq?

32. Which of the following is likely to result in lower efficiency of a power station ? (D) Non-automatic controls.

What is the cause of low power generation?

The main cause of low Power factor is Inductive Load. As in pure inductive circuit, Current lags 90° from Voltage, this large difference of phase angle between current and voltage causes zero power factor.

Which type of power plant has highest efficiency?

Hydro turbines, the oldest and the most commonly used renewable energy source, have the most efficient of all power conversion processes.

Which of the following has the lowest efficiency?

Which of the following has the lowest efficiency? Explanation: OTEC power generation gives less efficiency.

Which of the following will be a result of a low power factor?

A lower power factor causes a higher current flow for a given load. As the line current increases, the voltage drop in the conductor increases, resulting in a lower voltage at the equipment. With an improved power factor, the voltage drop in the conductor is reduced, improving the voltage at the equipment.

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What is the least efficient energy?

On a scale of efficiency according to Energy Points, renewables rank solar, nuclear, hydro, geotherm, and wind from least efficient to most, respectively.

What is the efficiency of power plants?

Figures from the World Coal Association, a keen advocate of HELE, show that the average efficiency of coal-fired power plants around the world today is 33 percent. Modern state-of-the-art plants can achieve rates of 45 percent, while “off-the-shelf” rates are around 40 percent.

What’s the least efficient energy?

The waste of coal or natural gas requires environmental mitigation and an excess of energy. Because of this, the total efficiency of usable energy for coal (the least efficient energy source) is just 29% of its original energy value. Wind, on the other hand, has the efficiency rating of 50% and beyond in some cases.

Why efficiency of supply system is less with low power factor?

Why improve low power factor? Low power factor means lower operating efficiency which results in a need for larger conductors (wires) and increased equipment capacity, as well as causing voltage drops as power losses increase.

What are the causes of low power factor Mcq?

Causes of low power factor: Most of the AC motors are of induction type (1φ and 3φ induction motors) which have a low lagging power factor. These motors work at a power factor which is extremely small on light load (0.2 to 0.3) and rises to 0.8 or 0.9 at full load.

What are the causes and disadvantages of low power factor?

A low power factor results in following disadvantages:

  • Greater Conductor Size. …
  • Large Copper (I2R) Losses. …
  • Large kVA Ratings of Equipment. …
  • Poor Voltage Regulation. …
  • Reduced Handling Capacity of System. …
  • Power Factor Penalty.
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Why thermal power plant efficiency is low?

The efficiency of thermal power plants is rather poor. In the power plants, before starting a new cycle, the steam which is used to spin the turbine in the last cycle has to be condensed to water at first and then reheated to change into steam again.

Which power plant has highest efficiency in India?

Kolkata: Santaldih Thermal Power Station, under the West Bengal Power Development Corporation, has been rated the most efficient thermal power plant in the country in April-August 2021.