Which of the choices best describes electric force?

What describes electrical force?

Electric force is the attractive force between the electrons and the nucleus. … It works the same way for a negative charge, you also have an electric field around it. Now, like charges repel each other and opposite charges attract.

What is an example of electric force?

The examples of electric force are as mentioned below: The charge in a bulb. Electric circuits. Static friction between cloth when rubbed by a dryer.

What type of force is an electric field?

Electric fields and magnetic fields are both manifestations of the electromagnetic force, one of the four fundamental forces (or interactions) of nature.

What is electric force quizlet?

Electric force is a pull (attraction) or a push (repulsion) between objects that are charged. … objects with the same charge repel each other. 2. objects with opposite charged attract each other.

Which is the best definition of force?

A force is a push or pull upon an object resulting from the object’s interaction with another object. Whenever there is an interaction between two objects, there is a force upon each of the objects. … Forces only exist as a result of an interaction.

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Why is electric force important?

In general, electrostatic forces become important when particle material is electrically insulating so the electric charge can be retained. … In electrophotography, electrostatic forces are utilized to move charged toner particles from one surface to another for the purpose of producing high-quality prints.

Which of the following is an everyday example of electric force?

1. Nylon Clothes. When the clothes made up of nylon are rubbed against some other fabric or against the wearer’s skin, static electricity is formed. This electrostatic force developed between the skin and the clothing particles is accountable for the chattering sound caused while removing such clothes.

Is electric force a contact force?

Electrostatic forces are non-contact forces; they pull or push on objects without touching them. Rubbing some materials together can result in something called ‘charge’ being moved from one surface to the other.

How do you find electric force from electric field?

Since we know the electric field strength and the charge in the field, the force on that charge can be calculated using the definition of electric field E=Fq E = F q rearranged to F = qE.

Which of the following is true of electrical force?

Electrical forces are produced by electrical charges. Like charges attract, unlike charges repel. Electric forces are weaker than gravitational forces. Positive and negative charges can combine to produce a third type of charge.

Which of the following best represents a difference between electric force and gravitational force?

Which of the following best represents a difference between electric force and gravitational force? Gravitational force is stronger than electric force. Electric force can both attract and repel. Electric force is inversely proportional to the square of the distance between objects.

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What is true for both gravitational and electric forces?

Both particles carry electric charges that are identical in magnitude and sign. The gravitational and electric forces between the particles happen to have the same magnitude, so each particle experiences zero net force and the distance between the particles remains constant.

What happens to the electric force between two charges when the distance is third?

Explanation: The electrostatic force is inversely related to the square of the separation distance. So if d is three times larger, then F is nine times smaller – that is, one-ninth the original value.