Which is the commercial source of energy?

The commercial sources of energy are fossil fuels, hydropower and nuclear energy.

What are the commercial sources?

Commercial source means apartment buildings with 10 or more dwelling units, farms and wholesale, retail or service establishments including but not limited to restaurants, markets, retail and wholesale outlets, theaters, hotels, warehouses, schools, hospitals, institutions, research facilities, public and private …

Which is commercial energy sources Mcq?

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Natural gas occurs along with the belt of other fossil fuels in sedimentary rocks. It is also a good source of clean energy as due to good carbon content it has high calorific value with low residue.

What is commercial use of energy?

Commercial energy use is driven by electrical, heating, and cooling of buildings and other structures, though traffic lights, water, and sewer systems are also included in this category. The EIA expects commercial energy use to expand by an annual 1.5% globally.

What is the largest source of commercial energy?

Fossil fuels are the most common major source of global commercial energy. However, fossil fuels are nonrenewable sources of energy that are used up faster than they can be replaced.

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What are the commercial source of energy write two examples?


S.N. Commercial Energy
(i) The sources of energy that are available to the; Liners at some price are referred to as commercial energy. Examples air: coal, petroleum, natural gas and electricity.
(ii) This form of energy is used for commercial purposes and domestic consumption mainly in urban areas

What are the sources of commercial energy in India?

Coal is the predominant energy source for power production in India, generating approximate- ly 70% of total domestic electricity. Energy demand in India is expected to increase over the next 10-15 years; although new oil and gas plants are planned, coal is expected to remain the dominant fuel for power generation.

Which of the following is commercial energy source exam Veda?

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Commercial sources of energy purely consist of power, coal, oil, gas, hydro-electricity and uranium.

What are non-commercial sources of energy?

Differentiate between Commercial and Non-commercial Sources of Energy

Commercial energy Non-commercial energy
For example, coal, petroleum, natural gas and electricity. For example, fire wood, agricultural waste, cow dung.

Which of the following is not a commercial source of energy?

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Commercial source of energy such as coal, petroleum & natural gas are obtained commercially whereas fire wood is obtained non-commercially by people from wastelands forestlands in terms of twigs, sticks etc.

What are the major sources of commercial energy worldwide?

Major sources of commercial energy worldwide are Oil, Coal, and Gas. Nuclear power along with Hydropower, and wind power is not used as much. Data is presented in terms of commercial energy because it does not include energy collected for personal use or traded in informal markets.

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