Which boiler is used in thermal power plant in India?

There are two types of boilers are used in sub critical, super critical and ultra-super critical coal fired thermal power plant: Pulverized coal-fired Boiler. Fluidized Bed combustion (FBC) boiler.

Which type of boiler is usually used in thermal plant?

Normally horizontal return fire tube boiler is used in thermal power plant of low capacity. It consists of a horizontal drum into which there are numbers of horizontal tubes. These tubes are submerged in water.

What is the use of boiler in thermal power plant?

Boilers are used in power plants in order to produce high pressured steam, so that the plant can generate electricity. The process that does this is known as the Rankine cycle. The boiler takes in energy from some form of fuel such as coal, natural gas, or nuclear fuel to heat water into steam.

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Which is the best thermal power plant in India?

The top 10 biggest thermal power plants in India

  • Vindhyachal Thermal Power Station, Madhya Pradesh. …
  • Mundra Thermal Power Station, Gujarat. …
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  • Mundra Ultra Mega Power Plant, Gujarat. …
  • Sasan Ultra Mega Power Plant, Madhya Pradesh. …
  • Tiroda Thermal Power Plant, Maharashtra.

Which boiler is used in NTPC?

NTPC has placed an order for two 660MW supercritical-pressure boilers with L&T-MHPS Boilers, which will be installed at Unit 1 and 2 of a supercritical-pressure thermal power generation plant in Uttar Pradesh, a state in India.

Which turbine is used in thermal power plant?

steam power plant: Power plant which uses the steam turbine as its only prime mover to generate electricity. GTCC power plant: Gas Turbine Combined Cycle power plant, in which a steam turbine is used in the bottoming cycle for power generation.

What is Babcock and Wilcox boiler?

Babcock And Wilcox Boiler is a stationary water tube boiler. It consists of the steam-water drum. a short tube connects the steam water drum with the uptake header and down header as shown in the figure.

What are the three types of boilers?

There are three main types of boilers you can install into your home: combi boilers, heat only (regular boilers) and system boilers.

What is boiler thermal?

A thermal oil boiler fires through a helical coil and generates energy from the hot products of combustion. This, by heating the coil through radiation and convection. … The thermal oil heats coils in various types of heat users. Unlike a water or steam boiler, this heating process does not heavily pressurize the system.

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What are the two types of boiler?

When we think about boilers, there are a two types that typically come to mind; firetube, or scotch marine, and watertube boilers. These types of boilers can be classified as hot water, steam, high pressure, and low pressure.

Which coal is used in thermal power plant?

Coal bottom ash

Coal is the dominating fuel source used in thermal power plants for generation of electricity.

Which coal gives highest thermal energy?

Anthracite contains 86%–97% carbon and generally has the highest heating value of all ranks of coal.

How many NTPC are there in India?

With 24 coal based power stations, NTPC is the largest thermal power generating company in the country. The company has a coal based installed capacity of 48,120 MW.

What is Afbc boiler?

Atmospheric fluidised bed combustion boilers – AFBC boilers

Atmospheric fluidised-bed combustion (AFBC) boilers offer efficient, cost effective and reliable steam generation. AFBC technology promises to provide a viable alternative to conventional coal-fired and other solid fuel-fired boilers.

What is full form of Afbc boiler?

The bubbling type AFBC boiler offers efficient, cost-effective, reliable and viable alternative to conventional solid fuel-fired boilers for industrial applications.

Which type of boiler is commonly used in power generation and why?

Water tube boilers are popular because they are able to handle much higher pressure than fire tube boilers. Water tube boilers are used for power generation, heating, and many industrial processes.