Where will be electric field is zero?

For unlike charges, the electric field is zero outside of the smaller magnitude charge. For like charges, the electric field will be zero closer to the smaller charge and will be along the line joining the two charges. For opposite charges of equal magnitude, there will not be any zero electric fields.

Can a zero electric field exist?

7) Is it possible to have a zero electric field value between a negative and positive charge along the line joining the two charges? … Yes, regardless of the magnitude of the two charges. C) No, a zero electric field cannot exist between the two charges.

Where is the electric field zero between two unlike charges?

Zero field location is always on the line joining of the two charges and is external to the system. It is so because both the positive and negative charges influence the unit positive test charge in an internal point to help it to move towards the negative charge.

Is potential zero if electric field is zero?

If the electric field is zero, then the potential has no gradient i.e.: the potential is equal across space. But potential is always measured relative to a baseline, so it can therefore be considered as zero.

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What if there is no electric field?

There must be a charge to create the field, but the charge does not have to be at that point, there is an electric field in the area around the charge. There cannot be a charge at a place where there is no electric field because the charge would create an electric field.

What is electric field direction?

The direction of an electrical field at a point is the same as the direction of the electrical force acting on a positive test charge at that point.

Why electric field is zero inside a conductor?

Electric field is zero inside a charged conductor. For a charged conductor, the charges will lie on the surface of the conductor.So, there will not be any charges inside the conductor. When there is no charge there will not be electric field.

What is the zero potential?

Definition of zero potential

1 : the ideal potential of a point infinitely distant from all electrification. 2 : the actual potential of the surface of the earth taken as a point of reference — compare ground sense 7b.

Can electric field be zero at a point and electric potential not be zero give example?

Yes, it is possible. Example : 1. Inside uncharged spherical shell and charged conductor electric field is zero but electric potential cannot zero.

Can electric field inside a conductor be non zero?

Can the electric field inside a conductor be non zero? The answer is NO. Electric field inside a conductor is always zero. Reason: The electricity conducting free electrons are only present on the external surface of the conductor.

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Is the electric field inside an insulator zero?

It is zero. You know the electric field of an insulating sphere having charge “q” distributed uniformly has a formula for electric field.

What is electric field Class 12?

Electric field is a force produced by a charge near its surroundings. This force is exerted on other charges when brought in the vicinity of this field. … Electric field due to a charge at a point is the force that a unit positive charge would experience if placed at that point.