What type of noun is electricity?

A form of energy usually carried by wires or produced by batteries used to power machines and computing, communications, lighting, and heating devices. A form of secondary energy, caused by the behavior of electrons and protons, properly called “electrical energy”.

What is the noun of electricity?

noun. noun. /ɪˌlɛkˈtrɪsət̮i/ 1[uncountable] a form of energy from charged elementary particles, usually supplied as electric current through cables, wires, etc.

Is electricity a non count noun?

Things that cannot be separated into countable parts, like fun, anger, and electricity, are noncount nouns and cannot be plural. … It’s not always predictable which nouns will be noncount, and that is why all nouns are labeled in the Learner’s Dictionary.

Is electricity a noun or verb?

ELECTRICITY (noun) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

Is electric charge a noun?

noun Physics. one of the basic properties of the elementary particles of matter giving rise to all electric and magnetic forces and interactions. Also called charge, electricity. …

What is direct noun?

A direct object is a noun that receives the action of the verb. Don’t get the direct object confused with the subject—the noun that performs the actions—or the verb itself. Direct objects usually answer the questions “what?” or “whom?” Let’s take another look at the direct object example above. The students eat cake.

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Is electricity an adverb or adjective?

ELECTRIC (adjective) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

Is electricity is countable or uncountable?

Uncountable Nouns

Countable Uncountable
battery electricity
bottle wine
report information
tip advice

Is time a count noun?

Time is a noun with a number of meanings. In some senses it is countable, and in others it is uncountable. A good learner’s dictionary will give you its many meanings and tell you whether it is countable or uncountable.

What is the verb of electric?

verb (used with object), e·lec·tri·fied, e·lec·tri·fy·ing. to charge with or subject to electricity; apply electricity to. to supply (a region, community, etc.) with electric power: The valley wasn’t electrified until 1936. to equip for the use of electric power, as a railroad.

What type of adjective is electric?

pertaining to, derived from, produced by, or involving electricity: an electric shock. producing, transmitting, or operated by electric currents: an electric bell; electric cord. electrifying; thrilling; exciting; stirring: The atmosphere was electric with excitement.

Is electricity an adjective?

Of, relating to, produced by, operated with, or utilising electricity; electrical. … Of or relating to an electronic version of a musical instrument that has an acoustic equivalent. Being emotionally thrilling; electrifying.

What are types of electricity?

There are two main types of electricity, Static Electricity, generated by rubbing two or more objects causing to build up friction, Current Electricity, generated by the flow of electrical charge through a conductor across an electrical field.

Can charge be a noun?

CHARGE (noun) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

What is the noun form of charge?

noun. /tʃɑrdʒ/ money. [countable, uncountable] charge (for something) the amount of money that someone asks for goods and services We have to add a small charge for refreshments. admission charges Delivery is free of charge.

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What is the meaning of charge as a noun?

noun. Definition of charge (Entry 2 of 2) 1a : the price demanded for something no admission charge. b : a debit to an account The purchase was a charge. c : expense, cost gave the banquet at his own charge.