What is adjustment amount in best electricity bill?

The Power Cost Adjustment on an electric bill statement is computed by multiplying the amount charged or credited by the number of kilowatt hours used. For example, if the amount charged is . 02420, and 1000 kWh was used during the billing period, the Power Cost Adjustment would be a charge of $24.20.

What is Bill adjustment?

A billing adjustment is for accounts that have been overbilled or underbilled in a prior period that has already been updated to the General Ledger. Use Enter Billing Adjustments to record transactions that change the billing balance.

What does energy cost adjustment mean?

The ECA is the mechanism used to reflect increases or decreases in the cost of energy (including fuel, transmission, and purchased power costs). This allows a utility to adjust rates when the cost of energy falls outside the predetermined energy rates.

What is provisional amount adjustment in electricity bill?

Most Discoms have done provisional billing, citing inability to physically verify meter readings and generate actual bills. They are charging consumers by using the monthly consumption for the same months of last year or are sending combined bills for two or three months.

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What is adjustment in electricity bill in India?

What is FAC/FCA or FPPCA? FAC (Fuel Adjustment Charge) or FCA (Fuel Cost Adjustment) or FPPCA (Fuel and Power Purchase Cost Adjustment) or Regulatory Adjustment is the amount that utilities apply on bills based on the varying price of fuel or Coal.

What is fuel surcharge adjustment in electricity bill?

Fuel adjustment charges (FAC) is the amount applied on bills of utilities based on the varying prices of fuel or coal. … Electricity supply companies are allowed to make changes in the variable cost of power on a quarterly basis and it usually occurs due to a hike in the price of fuel.

What is a fuel adjustment charge?

A fuel adjustment clause (FAC) is a tariff provision which permits a change in rates to occur as a result of a change in the cost of fuel or a portion of purchased power expenses. These changes occur without the utility filing a formal rate case. … Fuel adjustment clauses are in effect in almost all states.

What is the Power charge Indifference Adjustment?

The Power Charge Indifference Adjustment (PCIA)* is a charge assessed by PG&E to cover generation costs acquired prior to a customer’s change in service provider. This fee is collected by PG&E and is effectively an “exit fee” assessed to customers which receive their generation services from another provider.

How is Power charge Indifference Adjustment calculated?

The exit fee, or the Power Charge Indifference Adjustment (PCIA), is the calculated rate paid by departing CCA customers for power supply cost stranding resulting from leaving Investor Owned-Utility (IOU) generation service.

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What is a purchased power adjustment?

The purchased power adjustment is imposed across the board so that consumers who use more electricity pay more of the freight. Each member is asked to pay only his or her fair share of the additional costs.

What is current bill LPSC?

Late Payment Surcharge (LPSC means the monetary charge levied as per provisions of the Tariff Orders, on a consumer who has not made a payment of its electricity bills by due date for the period of delay in payment of bills; Sample 1.

What is electric commodity adjustment?

The Energy Acquisition Adjustment (EAA) is calculated for electric rates on an annual basis. … The energy charge is increased or decreased by the projected annual cost of energy purchased from our suppliers. Our base commodity charge is 5.849 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh).