What are the advantages and disadvantages of using high current in electric power transmission?

What is the advantage of high current?

The advantage is generating a large amount of magnetic filed around it. The main reason for higher current is the need for lower voltage. For a vehicle even 100 volts would pose a significant safety hazard.

What are the advantages of using high voltage in electric power transmission?

High voltages are used in transmission systems because a higher voltage implies a lower current for a given power of transmission. With a lower current, less heat is generated in the transmission lines and so less energy is wasted. Furthermore, it has excellent environmental benefits.

What are the disadvantages of transmission at high voltage?

Disadvantages of High Voltage Transmission

It increases radio interference. The height of towers and insulation increases with increase in transmission voltage. The cost of different types of equipment and switchgear required for transmission increases with increase in transmission voltage.

What are the advantage and disadvantages of using high voltage onboard the ship?

Working at high voltage significantly reduces the relative overall size and weight of electrical power equipment. – When large loads are connected to the LV system the magnitude of current flow becomes too large resulting in overheating due to high iron and copper losses.

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What is high current?

High current refers to lots of electrons moving through a cross section of conductor per second. That can happen at lower voltages when there is little resistance. High voltage refers to lots of energy per electron pushing on the electrons.

What is the advantage of using higher voltage when operating heavy electrical loads?

When designing electrical installations, increased voltage reduces current, which allows smaller conductors and protection devices.

What are the disadvantages of corona effect?


Ozone gas is produced due to the formation of corona, which chemically reacts with the conductor and causes corrosion. The energy dissipated in the system due to corona effect is called as Corona loss. The power loss due to corona is undesirable and uneconomical.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of DC transmission over AC transmission?

A DC System has a less potential stress over AC system for same Voltage level. Therefore, a DC line requires less insulation. In DC System, there is no interference with other communication lines and systems. In DC Line, Corona losses are very low as compared to the AC transmission lines.