Quick Answer: What is ACCD electricity bill?

As per the Tamil Nadu Electricity Supply Code, this contentious caution deposit or the ACCD (Additional Current Consumption Deposit) is paid to a domestic establishment by a EB card-holder, physically or online.

How is EB amount calculated?

TNEB bill is calculated based on the consumption of units and the slab it comes under. … 0 to 200 units – first 100 units free, for balance Rs. 1.5 per unit. For 0 to 500 units – first 100 units free, for next 100 Rs.

Who pays ASD owner or tenant?

In case of a rented property, the ASD needs to be paid by the land owner. However, it is up to the landlord and tenant to decide between themselves by mutual consent as to who would bear the responsibility of payment.

How ASD is calculated?

A standard amount will be fixed as an initial security deposit based on the consumer’s required amount of power. This amount will further be calculated based on the average bill amount of the corresponding months (as per the monthly billing/bi-monthly billing) from the following year.

What is ASD charge?

Oct 11, 2019, 11 28 | Updated: Oct 11, 2019, 11 28. Share. Consumers are now paying a fee ranging from Rs 850 to about Rs 10,000 as additional security deposit (ASD). The fee goes up to Rs 5 lakh for commercial and industrial consumers. The fee is calculated depending on the consumption pattern per individual per month …

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Why Tneb bill is high?

TANGEDCO officials are stating that the reason behind this high bill is due to higher consumption of power due to summer and dry weather. … There is no increase in the tariff and the bill is based on the power consumption,” said the official. “Unlike last year, we did not stop our assessors from taking the meter reading.

What is fixed cost in Tneb bill?

For 0 to 200 units, for the first 100 unit the per unit cost is zero and the next 100 units, the consumer shall pay ₹ 1.5 per unit. For 0 to 500 units, the consumer shall pay ₹ 0 for the first 100 units, for the next 100 units the consumer shall pay ₹ 2 per unit, for the next 300 units the unit cost is ₹3.00/-

What is ASD amount in electricity bill in Uttar Pradesh?

The ASD amount is the difference between the existing security deposit amount and the revised security deposit amount. If the existing SD amount falls short of the revised figure, the balance will be collected. In the case of those having excess SD amount, the surplus will be adjusted towards bi-monthly power bills.

What is ASD amount in electricity bill Uppcl?

So, the balanced security amount of actual consumption-based security and minimum security is called additional security deposit. Additional security deposit = cost to cover the estimated consumption of 45 days – minimum security.

What is additional security deposit in Tneb?

The adequacy of Security Deposit (SD) will be reviewed once in every two years in case of LT consumers after taking the interest due for the credit available. If available deposit is less than the reviewed Security deposit, the balance will be collected as Additional Security deposit (ASD).

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Are ACD charges refundable?

The department has been charging ACD – a refundable security charge – from customers by asking them to pay an amount equal to their electricity bill for two months, which is calculated after taking out the monthly average of their consumption for a year.