Question: Where does Switzerland get its electricity from?

Switzerland derives over half of its power production from hydroelectric power plants. In 2020, they made up 54 percent of total electricity generation in 2020. This was followed by nuclear power plants, which accounted for 34 percent.

Where does Switzerland import electricity from?

In addition to hydro, 21% of Switzerland’s electricity consumption came from Swiss nuclear power, 8% from Swiss solar and biomass, 1% from imported wind, 2% from fossil fuels (50% imported) and 2% from unidentifiable sources.

Does Switzerland import electricity?


Switzerland imported 34,096,000 MWh of electricity in 2016 (covering 58% of its annual consumption needs).

Is Switzerland self sufficient in electricity?

Switzerland is nearly self-sufficient in electricity production. In 2020, more than 600 hydroelectric plants generated 58% of the electricity consumed in Switzerland.

What is Switzerland’s number one energy source?

Hydropower plants constitute the most important source of electric energy in Switzerland.

Where does Switzerland get its gas from?

Although Switzerland uses some Russian gas for its domestic needs, Ruedi Rohrbach of Swissgas, which imports three-quarters of the gas used in Switzerland, said there were no direct supply contracts with the Russian gas firm Gazprom. Imported natural gas meets 12 per cent of Switzerland’s energy requirements.

What percentage of Switzerland energy is renewable?

The electricity produced within Switzerland is 56.4% hydroelectric, 35.2% nuclear, 2.6% fossil fuel-generated and just under 6% from new renewable energies.

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