How much CO2 do coal power plants emit per kWh?

Coal-based power plants emitted an average of 915 grams (32 ounces) of carbon dioxide (CO2) per kilowatt hour of electricity produced. Natural gas power plants emitted an average of 549 grams (19 ounces) CO2 per kilowatt hour.

How much CO2 does a coal plant emit per kWh?

How much carbon dioxide is produced per kilowatthour of U.S. electricity generation?

Electricity generation
million kWh pounds per kWh
Coal 757,763 2.23
Natural gas 1,402,438 0.91
Petroleum 13,665 2.13

What is the carbon footprint of 1 kWh?

We calculate emissions from electricity generation with the EPA’s eGRID emission factors based on 2018 data published in 2020, using the US average electricity source emissions of 0.947 lbs CO2e per kWh (0.429 kgs CO2e per kWh).

How much CO2 does coal release?

How much carbon dioxide is produced when different fuels are burned?

Coal (anthracite) 228.6
Coal (lignite) 215.4
Coal (subbituminous) 214.3
Diesel fuel and heating oil 161.3
Gasoline (without ethanol) 157.2

How much CO2 is in a tonne of coal?

For example, coal with a carbon content of 78 percent and a heating value of 14,000 Btu per pound emits about 204.3 pounds of carbon dioxide per million Btu when completely burned. Complete combustion of 1 short ton (2,000 pounds) of this coal will generate about 5,720 pounds (2.86 short tons) of carbon dioxide.

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How much CO2 is produced per kg of coal?

Burning 1 kg of bituminous coal will produce 2.42 kg of carbon dioxide.

How do you calculate CO2 from kWh?

For electricity, the calculation will be 15,000kWh x 0.21233kgCO2e ÷ 1,000 = 3.2tCO2e. For natural gas, the calculation will be 20,000kWh x 0.18316kgCO2e ÷ 1,000 = 3.7tCO2e.

How much CO2 does a nuclear power plant produce?

Nuclear power reactors do not produce direct carbon dioxide emissions. Unlike fossil fuel-fired power plants, nuclear reactors do not produce air pollution or carbon dioxide while operating. However, the processes for mining and refining uranium ore and making reactor fuel all require large amounts of energy.

How much CO2 does a kWh produce UK?

The UK government report on the carbon emissions for homes on the average energy fuel mix. In 2020, these figures were 0.233 kg of CO2e per kWh of electricity and 0.184kg of CO2e per kWh of gas.