How do you borrow electricity tokens?

How do you OKOA electric tokens?

Okoa Stima

  1. Dial *885# and accept Okoa Stima terms and conditions.
  2. Enter National ID.
  3. Set your preferred PIN and confirm.
  4. You will receive a confirmation message via SMS.
  5. Select continue.
  6. Enter your Services PIN.
  7. Select register meter/account and select register new.
  8. Select Prepaid or Postpaid.

How do you OKOA stima tokens KPLC?

How to Register for KPLC Okoa Stima

  1. Dial *885# from your Safaricom line.
  2. Select Register New.
  3. Now Choose either Pre Paid or Post Paid.
  4. Enter your KPLC account number for Post Paid clients OR Meter Number for Pre Paid users and Send.
  5. Confirm details by selecting Yes.
  6. You will now see the Lipa Stima Menu.

Is OKOA stima still available?

It’s currently available to both Pre-Pay and Post-Pay Safaricom customers and offers other services including… Okoa-Stima account registration.

How do I retrieve my prepaid meter token?

To retrieve your last purchase, SMS your meter number to 31371 and your token will be sent back to you.

How do I borrow OKOA Mia?

How to apply for Okoa Mia loans

  1. Dial USSD Code *628# to register for the loan.
  2. The second step is to pay an acceptance fee of between ksh. …
  3. Also note that the paybill number and account number is your ID number.
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How do I buy electricity tokens in Kenya?

How to Buy Kenya Power (KPLC) Prepaid Tokens via M-PESA Paybill Number 888880.

  1. Go to Safaricom SIM Tool Kit, select M-PESA menu, select “Lipa na M-PESA“
  2. Select “Pay Bill“
  3. Select “Enter Business no.“, Enter KPLC’s Lipa na M-PESA PayBill Number 888880 and press “OK”

How do I buy tokens without mpesa?


  1. Dial *415# from a Safaricom network handset.
  2. Select Option 2: KPLC.
  3. Select Option 1: Buy KPLC Prepaid Tokens.
  4. Enter your prepaid meter number ( it shall be saved automatically for easier future purchases)
  5. Enter amount ( minimum Ksh20 )
  6. If confirmation details are correct, select Option 1: Yes.

How do you feed a token in a meter?

Loading The Token Via Vendor

  1. Check your meter number by dialing 100 on the meter and it will be displayed.
  2. Visit the vendor and make payment for your choice.
  3. Give the vendor your meter number.
  4. Collect the 20 digit token from the vendor.
  5. Load the token on your meter and it is done.

How can I get free KPLC tokens?


  1. Go to your phone’s MPESA menu.
  2. Select lipa na mpesa followed by paybill.
  3. Now type VendIT paybill number 501200 then press OK.
  4. Next enter your 11-digit kplc prepaid meter number as the account number then choose Ok.
  5. Type your desired amount.
  6. Go ahead and enter your regular M-PESA PIN. …
  7. Confirm everything then press.

How do you buy tokens on VendIT?

How to buy KPLC tokens quickly through 501200 (VendIT)

  1. Go to M-PESA menu and select Lipa na M-PESA > Paybill.
  2. Enter business number 501200.
  3. Enter your 11 digit prepaid meter number as the account number.
  4. Enter the amount you wish to purchase. (above Kshs. …
  5. Enter your M-PESA PIN and press OK.
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How can I get my meter token number?

How to Retrieve/ Get the KPLC Token Number

  1. Dial *977# on your phone.
  2. Select Prepaid Services (Token)
  3. Select Latest Token.
  4. Select your Meter Number from the choices.
  5. The last three tokens for your selected Meter No. will be displayed.

How can I load my prepaid meter token online?

Here are the simple steps to follow:

  1. Visit the official website of PHCN.
  2. Choose your electricity supplier.
  3. Fill in your prepaid meter details, which includes your name, meter name, and location.
  4. Choose an online payment method and fill in the promoted details, including bank name, credit card type, and number.