How do I send my electric meter reading to BSES?

How do I send a meter reading to BSES?

All you need to do is add the number 8745999808 to your contacts and start a conversation by just sending us a “Hi” . Ensure that the request for Duplicate Bill/ Self Meter reading is initiated from your registered mobile number with the BYPL.

How do I send my current meter reading?

If you wish to submit your meter reading via SMS then you have to send MR and send it to 7065313030.

How can I send meter reading to BSES Rajdhani?

You can submit your meter reading through BSES mobile application by following the steps in the image to get your bill revised based on meter reading provided by you. Appreciate your cooperation. No option available on iphone app for self meter reading submission…

How do I send self meter reading via SMS?

Consumers can send reading through SMS MREAD on the mobile number 9930399303. Self-meter reading will help the consumers to have a regular check on the meter and its reading.

How do I update my BSES meter reading online?

If you are already a registered customer on BSES Website:

  1. Insert your login name and password.
  2. Click on “Submit” button.
  3. Tick the check box which you want to update.
  4. You may update your profile for changes, if any.
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How do I submit my mahavitaran meter reading?

On the MSEDCL Mobile app, the Consumers can click on the ‘submit meter reading’ button and if they have more than one consumer number, they will have to select the meter number for which they want to submit the reading. The Consumer will have to enter the meter number there.

How do I send meter reading on WhatsApp?

With the service, consumers can send meter reading along with the photograph to the dedicated WhatsApp number 9667558009.

What is BSES self meter reading?

Jun 10, 2020. We’ve introduced a new facility (BYPL self meter reading) in BSES mobile application which helps you to upload the meter reading to get an actual bill applies only to SLCC customers ( Small Load Consumer Category ). (

How can I get duplicate BSES bill in Delhi?

To get a duplicate bill, all a consumer has to do is save the BSES WhatsApp number in their phone’s ‘contacts’ list and send a Whats App message “Type #Bill9-dgit CA No and send it to 9999919123” and the duplicate bill will be WhatApped.

Where is Mseb consumer number from meter number?

Please remember, for finding it, you will need your MSEB 12 digit consumer number.

Go to Mahavitaran “Online Payment of Other Charges” page.

  1. Go to Mahavitaran “Online Payment of Other Charges” page.
  2. Type your consumer number.
  3. Click the Search Consumer button.
  4. You can now see your details including your BU code and name.