How do I pay my electric and gas bill?

How do I pay my gas and electric bill?

You can pay your electricity and gas bills in many ways:

  1. Paying online or via our mobile app.
  2. Using our payment phone line.
  3. By Direct Debit.
  4. Prepayment.
  5. Smart Pay As You Go.
  6. Cash or cheque.
  7. Paying by a bank transfer or from abroad.

How do I pay my ESB bill?

How can I pay my Electric Ireland electricity and gas bill?

  1. Your Account Online. You can pay your electricity and/or gas bill by logging in to Your Account Online. …
  2. Payzone. You can also pay your bill at shops displaying the payzone logo. …
  3. Pay As You Go. …
  4. Your Bank. …
  5. …
  6. By Post. …
  7. Save Time!

How do I pay my British gas bill over the phone?

To pay your British Gas energy bill over the phone, call the 24-hour automated payment line on 0333 202 9524. They accept all major MasterCards and Visa Cards. You can pay your British Gas energy bill online via the British Gas app, the British Gas website or your internet banking app.

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How can I pay my bill online?

Paying online through your bank

  1. Create an online account on your bank’s website or app, if you don’t already have one.
  2. Once you’ve logged in, look for a “bill pay” link and create profiles for each of the companies (known as “payees”) you want to pay. …
  3. Enter how much you want to pay the company and on what date.

How do I pay for gas and electricity UK?

There are four main ways to pay your energy bills, each of which are suitable for different people in different ways.

  1. Monthly Direct Debit. Paying gas and electricity by Direct Debit is the most effective way to make sure you pay your bills on time. …
  2. Quarterly Direct Debit. …
  3. Payment on receipt of bill. …
  4. Prepayment meter.

How do I pay my utility bill UK?

Any over-payment or under-payment will be taken into consideration on your next bill. If you don’t want to pay bills by direct debit, you can usually pay by cash or cheque at a local post office or by credit/debit card over the phone.

Can you pay an ESB bill in the post office?

BillPay at the post office

You can pay a variety of bills free of charge at your local post office – including mobile phone, gas, electricity, TV and local authority payments.

Can I pay my electricity bill in the post office?

Just take your bill and your preferred payment method (cash, cheque or card) to any Post Office branch. Please be aware that the Post Office may charge you for this service.

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Can I pay my electricity bill by credit card?

Utility Bill Payments and Credit Cards

Cardholders can now use their credit cards to also pay all their utility bills. Most banks allow individuals to pay their utility bills through their credit cards, but the process and rates charged vary across each institution.

How do I pay my bill over the phone?

How to Pay Bills by Phone

  1. Call the companies that bill you monthly (utilities, telephone, cable, garbage and so on) and ask whether they offer pay-by-phone service. …
  2. Ask whether they charge a fee for the service.
  3. Ask what credit cards and ATM cards they accept.

Can I pay my British Gas bill monthly?

If you need a statement before then, start a live chat with one of our friendly advisers and they’ll be happy to help. With variable payments, you can choose to pay a varying amount every month or every quarter, depending on the energy you use. You’ll pay for the energy you use, as you use it – like a phone bill.

How can I pay my utility bill with a credit card?

Some utility companies may not accept credit card payments, but you can get around this problem by using a third-party service like Plastiq. You pay these servicers with a credit card, and they’ll then pay your utility bill using a check or money transfer.

Which is the best app to pay bills?

In-depth look at the 10 best payment apps

  • Google Pay—Best for Android users.
  • Apple Pay—Best for Apple users.
  • Samsung Pay—Best for Samsung devices.
  • PayPal—Best for low-fee transactions.
  • Xoom (A PayPal service)—Best for sending money to other countries.
  • Circle Pay—Best for sending money to other countries.
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Is it safe to pay bills over the phone?

The simpler answer is: phone payments are very safe as long as: The business/receiver uses certain standard security measures. The payer has checked that the company they’re paying is legitimate.