How can I pay electricity bill through HDFC app?

Log on to Mobile Banking. Visit BillPay Section inside Pay. Select the bill payment option and the biller you need to pay the bill to. Enter the bill amount.

Which app is best for online electricity bill payment?

6 Best Electricity Bill Payment Apps in India for Android and iOS

  • Paytm.
  • GooglePay (GPay)
  • PhonePe.
  • FreeCharge.
  • Mobiwik.

Is HDFC smart pay free?

How much does the SmartPay facility cost? There is no cost for this service and this is absolutely free for the customer. What bills can I pay through Smartpay? You can pay Insurance premiums, Electricity bills, Mobile bills, Gas bills and Telephone bills through Smartpay.

How can I add Biller in HDFC NetBanking?

Add a Biller

  1. Step1. Download APP/ Login to MobileBanking using your NetBanking ID and Password.
  2. Step2. Click Menu on the top left corner, click on Pay and then select Bill Pay.
  3. Step3. Select bill payment option, add the biller that you want to make the payment to.

Which is best online payment app in India?

Best 5 UPI Apps in India:

  1. PhonePe – UPI Payments, Recharges & Money Transfer. PhonePe stands first in our list of best UPI apps in India. …
  2. Google Pay (Tez) – A simple and secure payment app. …
  3. Paytm – BHIM UPI, Money Transfer & Mobile Recharge. …
  4. Amazon Pay. …
  5. BHIM App.
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Is Papaya pay free?

Papaya is a free app that anyone can use to pay any bill, ranging from parking tickets to non-profit donations to healthcare bills. … The technology securely delivers payment to the billing organization, adhering to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard’s (PCI DSS) strict data management rules.

How do I use Smart pay?

When you’re ready to checkout:

  1. Choose SmartPay on the billing page. You’ll be directed to the SmartPay website.
  2. Enter your email or mobile number you used to get approved. We’ll immediately send you a verification code to enter.
  3. Use a debit card from a bank account for the first payment due today.

What is Amazon Smart pay?

A smart and contactless way for customers to discover products at local shops, make payments, get EMIs and earn rewards using Amazon Pay. … After selecting the products, they wish to buy they checkout with Amazon Pay, which gives them a choice of using UPI, balance, or credit or debit cards.

What is the smart pay?

Features. SmartPay is an automatic payment facility available on your Credit Card to pay any of your utility bills (mobile postpaid/ telecom/ gas/ water/electricity/ DTH/ rent/ insurance)​​​​​​​ No risk of missing due dates. No late payment charges.

What is smart pay limit amount?

SmartPay & Autopay on Credit Card. Upto Rs.1800 a year. (max cap of Rs150 / month)

How do I cancel SmartPay?

Just call us, and we’ll reschedule or stop your automated plan. You’ll need to make payment to your lender on your own. You can stop or restart the program at any time.

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What is SmartPay limit amount?

The Smart Pay can also be swiped for upto Rs. 50,000 in a day, subject to the balances available on the card.

What is aan number HDFC?

Customers not having savings account with HDFC can pay towards the Jumbo Loan Account number AAN via the following modes. The Jumbo Loan Account number AAN is mentioned in the amortization schedule, loan confirmation SMS, email and all payment reminders.

What is HDFC bill pay?

With BillPay you can pay for Electricity, Gas, Mobile, Telephone, Insurance Credit Card and Mutual Fund under NetBanking. To check the complete list of billers, select your location.

How can I get premium receipt from HDFC Life?

All you have to do is log on to HDFC Life’s mobile app premium website to initiate the process. First, you have to tell your policy number and your birth date. Once that is entered, the receipt will be shown to you. Go over the details mentioned in the receipt and verify them all.