Frequent question: What energy source does PECO use?

PECO currently generates 0.14% of its energy portfolio from solar energy, but, according to the environmental activists group Earth Quaker Action Team, “… could generate up to 20% of their portfolio from solar.” Sourcing solar energy from rooftop solar panels “…would generate 70 jobs…” or “…

Does PECO use renewable energy?

Your electricity currently comes from PECO’s default fuel mix, which is probably mostly coal, natural gas, and other fossil fuels. Switching to wind or solar energy simply means you instruct your utility to purchase your energy needs from wind or solar.

Where does Pepco get its energy from?

Electricity is generated by utilities and other energy producers at various types of power plants, wind and solar farms. (Pepco is an electric distribution company only and does not generate electricity.)

Does PECO provide gas and electric?

​Yes, in Pennsylvania, customers can choose the company that supplies their electricity and natural gas. Whether or not you choose a new electric supplier or natural gas supplier, PECO will continue to deliver reliable electric and gas service to your business.

Does PECO use fossil fuels?

According to information from an Exelon 10-k report, about half of PECO’s power comes from nuclear energy, 12 percent comes from fossil fuels and renewable sources, and the remaining 35 percent from other supplies.

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Does PECO supply electric?

Choose your supplier

Click “Sign Up for this Offer.” (You will need your PECO account number to sign up). … PECO will safely and reliably delivery your electricity no matter which supplier you choose.

What is PECO smart energy choice?

The utility is promoting a program it calls Peco Smart Energy Choice, in which customers are steered to a participating electricity supplier who agrees to provide power for 12 months, with no cancellation fees, at a fixed rate 7 percent below Peco’s current price-to-compare.

Does Pepco use renewable energy?

We are committed to using renewable energy sources and working towards increasing this use all the time. Renewable energy can come from the sun, wind, biomass, earth and water.

Where does DC’s power come from?

The District of Columbia receives about 98% of its electricity from power plants in surrounding states through the local Pepco electric utility, which is part of the PJM Interconnection that manages electricity transmission on the regional power grid for the District and all or part of 13 states.

Is Pepco electric and gas?

The Potomac Electric Power Company (PEPCO) is an American utility company that supplies electric power to the city of Washington, D.C. and to surrounding communities in Maryland. It is owned by Exelon.


PEPCO headquarters in Washington, D.C., in 2020