Can you enclose an electric fireplace?

Built-in electric fireplaces can be installed within the walls of a home and are designed to be ventless, making built-in inserts perfect for use in walls. Certain wall mount electric fireplaces can also be fully recessed into a wall.

Can you put an electric fireplace in a cabinet?

Not only can you install an electric fireplace insert into a cabinet, but you can also place it in an existing fireplace that’s present in your home. … You can plug it into an outlet that is present in the firebox or on the exterior of the fireplace on the surround.

Does an electric fireplace need ventilation?

A – No, Electric fireplaces do not create any emissions and therefore do not need to be vented through a chimney, direct vent, or other source like gas and wood fireplaces do.

How much clearance does an electric fireplace need?

Clearance-wise, the front of an electric fireplace needs at least three feet of space away from combustible materials. These include curtains, furniture, bedding, paper, and anything potentially flammable.

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Are wall mounted electric fires noisy?

The flame effects in an electric fireplace are commonly created using a combination of rotating mirrors and lights. … We find that the noises created from the components inside the electric fireplace that are producing the flames aren’t too loud.

How much will an electric fireplace raise my electric bill?

On average, electric fireplaces will raise your monthly electricity bill by $32.50. This represents a 28.3% increase for the average US household. Again, this assumes $0.15 per kWh and 5 hours of use per day, over 30 days, on max power.

Can I add an electric fireplace to my TV stand?

If you have a small open area inside your existing entertainment center then a set of electric fireplaces logs may fit perfectly. Electric fireplace logs are also typically plug-in and so you’ll need a free standard electrical outlet near the entertainment center.

Are electric fireplace consoles safe?

Electric fireplaces are extremely safe, and family-friendly. Since there is nothing burning, there is no risk of sparks or fire igniting nearby objects. Likewise, there are no fumes, smoke, or chemicals being emitted, since there is nothing burning. … Most condos don’t allow gas or wood-burning fireplaces.

Can you put an electric fireplace in the wall?

Wall mounted electric fireplace can be simply hung on pretty much any wall, just like a flat-screen TV or a picture. Most wall-mounted electric fireplaces come with brackets and hardware needed for installation.

Do electric fireplaces use a lot of electricity?

Do Electric Fireplaces Use a Lot of Electricity? Electric fireplaces use approximately the same amount of electricity as the average space heater. Since most fireplaces operate on a standard household outlet, they use 120 volts to power the internal heater and draw about 1,500 watts at 12.5 amps.

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What electric fireplace looks the most real?

As of today, water vapor fireplaces are the most realistic electric fireplaces on the market. They produce 3-Dimensional flame effect and look like real fire, but without any of the mess or danger. Water vapor fireplaces create their realistic fake flames by using water mist and LED lights.

Can you drywall around an electric fireplace?

Never mount a wall fireplace to drywall! Make sure that you have an electric outlet located close by and beneath the unit. You want the electrical outlet to be below the fireplace because the rising warm air will blow into your outlet. When possible, replace nearby outlets with non-flammable coverings.

How far from wall Should electric fireplace?

When used as a wall mount/wall hanging fireplace, the fireplace front will be about 5 1/2 inches from the wall (the depth of the fireplace). The Onyx Electric Fireplaces are best for wall hanging installation.

Can I leave my electric fireplace on all night?

Yes, it is okay to leave an electric fireplace insert on overnight but it’s best if you turn it off when possible. … Although electric fireplaces do not produce any carbon monoxide fumes, its best to turn your electric fireplace off when you leave the room for an extended period of time or plan on catching some zzz’s.