Best answer: Which energy transformation occurs during magnetic effects of current?

This is electrical energy being converted into mechanical energy.

Which energy transformation occurs during magnetic effect of current answer in one word?

Magnetic Effects of Electric Current

In an electric motor, electrical energy is converted into mechanical energy.

What energy transformation occurs in an electromagnet?

The energy change that takes place in an electromagnet is Electrical energy to magnetic energy. An electromagnet is a kind of magnet where the magnetic field is created by an electric current.

When a wire with a current is placed in a magnetic field *?

Because the magnetic field created by the electric current in the wire is changing directions around the wire, it will repel both poles of the magnet by bending away from the wire.

What energy transformation occurs in a motor?

If you mean Electric motor, it is from electrical energy to mechanical energy.

Is the magnetic energy?

Because magnets do not contain energy — but they can help control it… … “This is the magnetic force that converts the energy of wind and coal and nuclear fuel to the electricity that’s sent out into the power grid.”

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What are the 5 energy transformations?

Electric generator (Kinetic energy or Mechanical work → Electrical energy) Fuel cells (Chemical energy → Electrical energy) Battery (electricity) (Chemical energy → Electrical energy) Fire (Chemical energy → Heat and Light)

What energy transformation occurs during photosynthesis?

Photosynthesis is the process by which energy is converted to chemical energy in plant cells. In cellular respiration plants use the chemical energy stored during photosynthesis in basic life processes.

What is the energy transformation in a solar cell?

Solar cells are devices that transform light energy directly into electrical energy.

When an electric field interacts with a magnetic field then it is called?

The mutual interaction of electric and magnetic fields produces an electromagnetic field, which is considered as having its own existence in space apart from the charges or currents (a stream of moving charges) with which it may be related. …