At what angle does an electric field pass through a line of equal potential explain?

Electric field lines cross equipotentials at 90 degrees.

Why electric field is always at right angle to equal potential surface?

this is because there is no potential gradient along any direction parallel to the surface , and so no electric field parallel to the surface. This means that the electric lines of force are always at right angle to the equipotential surface.

Why are electric field lines always at 90 degrees to equipotential lines?

Since the electric field lines point radially away from the charge, they are perpendicular to the equipotential lines. … The potential is the same along each equipotential line, meaning that no work is required to move a charge anywhere along one of those lines.

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What angle do electric field lines make with the surface of a charge?

The angle between Electric field and an equipotential surface is always 90. This is because,when the potential becomes constant,the negative potential gradient also becomes zero,hence necessitating the need for Electric field to be always normal with surface.

Is electric field at a point always continuous?

Option A-No, the electric field is not always continuous. … Note- The electric field because of any charge will be continuous, if there is no other charge in the medium. It will be discontinuous if there is a charge at that viable point.

At what angle potential energy is zero?

Originally Answered: When an dipole is placed in a uniform electric field with a angle of 90° or π/2, its potential energy is 0.

Why lines of electric force must be at right angles to equipotential lines?

This means there is potential difference between points on equipotential surface. This is not possible and hence electric field and hence electric field lines are perpendicular to equipotential surfaces. Equipotential surface and electric lines of force must be mutually perpendicular to each other.

At which point is the electric field stronger?

Electric field strength is greatest where the lines are closest together and weakest where lines are furthest apart.

What is the relationship between equipotential lines and electric field lines?

Equipotential lines are lines connecting points of the same electric potential. All electric field lines cross all equipotential lines perpendicularly.

What is the angle between electric field and electric potential?

The angle between the electric field and the equipotential surface is always 90. The equipotential surface is always perpendicular to the electric field.

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What is the angle between the area of vector and electric field?

magnitude of 1 when , the angle between the area vector and the magnetic field, is either 0° or 180°. In other words, the area vector must be parallel to the magnetic field, which is the case when the plane of the paper is perpendicular to the magnetic field.

When an electric dipole is held at an angle in a uniform electric field?

Answer: the forces experienced by the 2 charges constituting the electric dipole when placed in an uniform external electric field are equal and opposite in nature, the net force on the dipole is zero. No torque act on the dipole when the moment of electric dipole is parallel to the electric field.

What is the electric field at the point?

The electric field is defined at each point in space as the force (per unit charge) that would be experienced by a vanishingly small positive test charge if held at that point.

What is the electric field at any point?

The strength of an electric field E at any point may be defined as the electric, or Coulomb, force F exerted per unit positive electric charge q at that point, or simply E = F/q.

How does the electric field at a point vary with distance from a point electric charge?

The electric field varies inversely as the square of the distance from the point charge.