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Exhibition Floor
Main Conference Hall
Technical Sessions
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Center Stage Pitching Sessions

Wednesday April 10 – Telenor Arena Fornebu – Day 1

EXHIBITION FLOOR 08.00–17.00 – DAY 1
08.00Registration and Exhibition Opens.
Moderator: Siri Lill Mannes

Opening remarks:
Preben Strøm - Managing Director, Subsea Valley
Lisbeth Hammer Krog, Mayor, Bærum Kommune

Key note: Kenneth B. Medlock III, Senior Director, Center for Energy Studies, Baker Institute, Rice University
The Global Energy Challenge: The Roles of Legacy, Scale and Technology
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Challenging the NCS
What does the future of the Norwegian oil&gas industry look like?
Recently we have seen the growth and establishment of smaller and agile operators in Norway.
How are they challenging the position of Equinor and other majors?
We have the great pleasure of gathering the the most important up-and-coming players on the Norwegian Continental Shelf to discuss opportunities and challenges for the future.
#digitalization #climate #talent #sustainability #politics

Introduction by:
Karl-Johnny Hersvik, CEO, Aker BP & Kristin Færøvik, Managing Director, Lundin Norway

Panel Discussion:
Odin Estensen, Managing Director Neptune Energy
Kristin Færøvik, Managing Director, Lundin Norway
Karl-Johnny Hersvik, CEO, Aker BP
Kristin Kragseth, CEO, Vår Energi

Moderator: Siri Lill Mannes
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OMNI All Electric Program
Subsea Program
Additive Manufacturing Program
10.00Introduction to Subsea
Gro Mogseth, Technical Coordinator, SUBPRO
& Professor Sigurd Skogestad, Center Director, SUBPRO
Introduction to Additive Manufacturing
Dr. Klas Boivie, Senior Research Scientist, SINTEF Manufacturing
10.30Session 1: Power solutions for maritime and subsea operation 10.30-12.30
Lifetime considerations for energy storage subsea
Lars Johansen, Project Manager Battery Products ,Schive AS
Subsea Technology Moving Forward
Bente Festøy, Project Manager Subsea Systems, Equinor
AM-LINE: Building a Full Scale Metal AM Production Line in Denmark – Challenges and Take-Aways
Nikolaj Vedel-Smith, Dansk Teknologisk Institut, Danmark
11.00Energy storage and life time considerations for subsea storage
Michael Deutmeyer,
EAS Batteries GmbH
Neptune Energy; a new player and game changer on NCS
Erik Oppedal, Projects and Engineering Manager, Norway, Neptune Energy Norge
Finishing of AM parts
Borgar Ljøen Tronrud, Tronrud Engineering
11.30Autonomous Offshore Power Solutions – using wave energy conversion to power offshore/subsea applications
Overview of specific ongoing projects using the PowerBuoyTM for AUV and decommissioning applications
Jon Clausen, Director of Business Development, Ocean Power Technologies
Subsea Production system that embodies new and innovative technologies
Fredrik Witting, Early Phase and Application Engineering Manager, BHGE
12.00Autonomy facilitates structural monitoring
Pål Tuset, Force Technology
13.00Session 2: Digitalization 13.00-16.00
Digitalization subsea
Helge Sverre Eide, Business Manager, Blue Logic AS
Produced water under a microscope: Microfluidic applications
Marcin Dudek, PostDoc, NTNU SUBPRO
Digital value chain and IPR, Materials technology focus areas - end user's perspectives
Brede Lærum, Equinor
13.30Underwater communications
Oliver Skisland, Manager. Water Linked AS
Subsea water treatment. Current status and experience with real systems
Helge Lunde, Managing Director NOV Seabox AS, NOV
Trident Juncture 2018 – Additive Manufacturing of Spare Parts on Demand
Svein Hjelmtveit, Fieldmade
14.00Next generation subsea control infrastructure is progressing from drawing board to qualified solution
Status update on Siemens Subsea DigiGRID.
Gaute Furu, Sales Manager, Siemens Subsea
Subsea produced water separation; a new multi-pipe concept for reduced weight and cost
Håvard Skjefstad, PhD candidate, NTNU SUBPRO
Design for Additive Manufacturing
William Kempton, AHO
14.30Transition to the low carbon future through subsea electrification
Rune Høyvik Rosnes, Business Development Manager, Integrated Rig & Vessel Services, Oceaneering
Safety 4.0 – Demonstrating Safety of Novel Subsea Technologies
Tore Myhrvold, Senior Principal Researcher, DNV GL
Material quality and powder handling for AM
Johan Wallin, Sandvik, Sverige
15.00StartupLab Story – Launch pad for tech startups
Startuplab - Kristian Hesthaug, Program Manager Hardware

Ragnarock Geo – Taking seismic interpretation to the next level with Machine Learning
Marit Bjerkreim, Business Developer
CAxMan Usecases
Vibeke Skytt, SINTEF Digital
15.30ZEG Power – Turning hydrocarbon gasses into clean Hydrogen with integrated CO2 capture
Jan-Tore Christiansen, CFO/Business development manager

Tunable – The world’s most versatile gas analyzer
Kristian Hovet & Runar Sveum, CEO & CCO
Unlocking the Potential of Additive Manufacturing
Jim Stian Olsen, Aker Solutions
16.00Think outside – Using offshore seismic knowledge for snow measurements and avalanche prediction
Tristan Hollande, CTO
New business from digital spare parts
Pasi Puukko, Research Team Leader, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd.
MASTER CLASSES 12.30-15.00 – DAY 1
12.30-13.30Northern Lights
Sverre Overå, Project Director Northern Lights, Equinor
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12.30-14.00Exploration: Outer Space and Ocean Space
Dr. Pascal Lee, Co-Founder and Chairman, Mars Institute & Director of the Haughton-Mars Project, NASA Ames
Prof. Asgeir Sørensen, Professor and Director, Centre for Autonomous Marine Operations & Systems NTNU
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14.00-15.00Offshore Wind Solutions
Astrid Skarheim Onsum, Head of Offshore Wind Power, Aker Solutions
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An Electrified Future
Sam Allen, Senior Product Manager, Jaguar I-PACE and F-TYPE
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WORKSHOPS 14.30-17.00 – DAY 1
14.30-17.00Energy Market Game
Program on Energy and Sustainable Development, Stanford University with Dr Mark Thurber
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More Workshops will follow.
10.00Session 1: Reduced Emissions
Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants, PANOLIN
Going Green, X-Wheel
Environmentally acceptable long-term preservation chemicals, Roemex
Driving the circular and sharing economy, Dockstr
11.00Session 2: Risk and Safety
Safety Accelerator, Lloyd's Register
Risk Managment Cyber Security, Willis Tower Watson
Predictivce analysis of ESPs, Tieto
Preventing Future Deepwater Horizon, Balanced Solutions
13.00Session 3: Autonomous Systems
Large modifiable underwater mothership, Thyssenkrupp
Unmanned marine system developed by uSEA, uSEA
Oceanid™ – true autonomous installation (AUV), iDrop
14.00Session 4: Sensors and Monitoring
Using Light to Gather Machine Intelligence via Rolling Bearings, SKF
ROCSOLE - Tomograpshic Sensor Technology (Emulsions Deposits), Tienhaara Management
Seeing inside processes, USN
15.00Session 5: Power generation
Innovation and digitalization in hydropower production, USN
Electrical Power from Free Water Streams, NeoTurbine
Technology where floating buoys generates electrical energy at sea surface, from ocean waves, Fred Olsen Sea Power
16.00Session 6: New business models
From consumer product to business critical concept, TESS
Driving business innovation and digital transformation, Arundo Analytics/DNV GL
"Digital" will fail, unless coupled with the correct Business Model, ABB
Technology that brings us together, Optime Subsea
SEMINAR 15.00-17.00 – DAY 1

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15.00–17.00Welcome and introduction of the NNCC
M. Chijioke Igwe, Chairman, the Nigerian Norwegian Chamber of Commerce

Success stories: The Experience of NOV Wellstream in Nigeria
M. Richard Neves, General Manager Continental Europe, NOV Completion & Production Solutions

Success stories: The Experience of TechnipFMC in Nigeria
M. Alexandre Merllie, Egina Contracts Manager, TechnipFMC

Success stories: The Experience of BW Offshore in Nigeria
M. Jean-François Auzelou, Vice President, Business Development, BW Offshore

Thursday April 11 – Telenor Arena Fornebu – Day 2

EXHIBITION FLOOR 08.00–15.00 – DAY 2
08.00Registration and Exhibition Opens.
09.00Welcome to day 2
Siri Lill Mannes

Key Note: Trygve Randen, Rethinking collaboration
President, Schlumberger SIS
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Key note: Robert Gjetsund, Activate Your Digital DNA
Nordic Lead, Oil&Gas Consulting at Cognizant
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The future of system integrators
System integrators of the future need to learn how to transform and acquire new talent to experience growth, innovation and survival.
New business opportunities will most likely not arrive in their traditional format and we are excited to invite you to join the “Future of the system integrators” debate to discuss what should be done to retain market share, talent and business development.
Why are TechnipFMC getting involved with Hydrogen and what are the reasons for Aker Solutions going into offshore wind and more.
We are pleased to introduce some of the key players in the market, both nationally and internationally:

Panel Discussion:
Per Erik Holsten, Senior Vice President, Energy Industries, North Europe, ABB
Knut Nyborg, Executive Vice President Front End, Aker Solutions
Anne Marit Panengstuen, CEO, Siemens AS
Rune Thoresen, President Europe Subsea at TechnipFMC & Managing Director, TechnipFMC Norway

Moderator: Siri Lill Mannes

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12.00-14.00School event
Dr. Pascal Lee, Mars Institute
Roger Antonsen, UiO
Stine Myhre Selås, Senior Engineer, Platform Technology, Equinor

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OMNI All Electric Program
Subsea Program
Additive Manufacturing Program
10.00Session 3: Cyber security 10:00-11:30
Cyber Security and Safety – compromising safety through cyber threats
Boye Tranum, Associate Director Information and Security Services, DNV GL
Introduction to Additive Manufacturing
Dr. Klas Boivie, Senior Research Scientist, SINTEF Manufacturing
10.30Securing Oil&Gas Installations from Cyberattacks in the Digital Age
Erlend Agøy Engum, Product Director, Secure-NOK
Field of the Future. Use of new subsea technology in Aker BP
Håkon Skofteland, Project Manager – Subsea Technology, Technology & Digitalization Projects, AkerBP
Smart solutions through expertise & technology
Harsharn Tathgar Ph.d, MBA, Principal Specialist, Materials Technology
11.00Establishing a
cybersecurity center –
opportunities for O&G

Bjørn Axel Gran, Department Manager Risk, Safety and Security, Institutt For Energiteknikk
A vision of future trends in subsea technology in Brazil
Paulo Vinicius S. R. Domingos, Subsea equipment engineer, Petrobras
Certification of critical parts – lab infrastructure and environmental conditions
Benjamin Haller, AMexci
12.00Defence Needs and Utilization of Maritime Techologies
Morten Nakjem, Project Manager MCM, FFI
Digital value chain and IPRMaterials technology focus areas - end users perspectives
Gisle Rørvik, Equinor
12.30Subsea Drone integration into a subsea production system: a case study
S. Meggio Hydrone Program Technical Manager
G. Massari, Hydrone Program Manager
M. Marchiori, Sonsub Commercial Manager. SAIPEM
Development of standards for AM
Klas Boivie, SINTEF Manufacturing
13.00Underwater drones; Experience from Subsea Operations
SAAB. Peter Erkers, Sales Director, Underwater Systems
Subsea Power Toolbox for Oil & Gas and Renewables
Egil Birkemoe, Vice President, Alliances, Aker Solutions
Knut Rongve, Project Portfolio Owner, ABB
Identifying an AM business case within Siemens – and rolling out the burner tip repair solution
Jonas Eriksson, AM Senior Key Expert in Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery AB
13.30Digitalization of Drilling Operations
Torleif Torjussen, Kongsberg Maritime
Production optimization using simple control loops - no need for complex models
Dinesh Krishnamoorthy, PhD candidate, NTNU SUBPRO
MANULAB, Norwegian National research infrastructure for manufacturing with emphasis on AM
Ivanna Baturynska, NTNU (Gjøvik)
14.00Zefyros, Hywind Demo facilitating test of autonomous and digital solutions
Gunnar Birkeland, CEO, Unitech Offshore
Digital Twin for Subsea
Roger Skogmo, Senior Project Manager, Kongsberg Digital
AM as a supply chain tool - identifying high impact business opportunities
Kristin Wille von der Lippe, Fieldmade
14.30The Subsea All Electric Initiative within Total
Rory MacKenzie, Head of Subsea Electrical Technologies, Total R&D – Deep Offshore
An introduction to additive manufacturing with engineering plastics
Erik Andreassen, SINTEF Industri
MASTER CLASSES 12.00-14.00 – DAY 2
12.00-13.00Application of AI and Machine Learning in the Oil & Gas Industry
Aurelio O'Inverno, Head of Business Analytics & insight Europe, Cognizant, and Eli Y. King, Director of Cognizant Digital Business/AI Analytics/Data Science Delivery, Cognizant
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12.00-13.00Big Corporate - Startup Collaboration
Jens Festervoll, Corporate Liaison for Techstars Energy / Senior Advisor Corporate Innovation, Equinor
Audun Abelsnes, Managing Director for Techstars Energy
Guro Knapstad, Business development manager, Kongsberg Digital
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13.00-14.00Design Thinking and Energy
Per Ivar Selvaag, Head of Design, Digital Centre of Excellence, Equinor
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13.30-14.30Delivering complex digital solutions at scale
Petteri Vainikkka, VP Product Marketing, Cognite and Manoj Mathew, Partner Industry 4.0, Cognizant
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WORKSHOPS 09.00-12.00 – DAY 2
09.00–12.00TEKNA Maskinlæringsworkshop – Python
Er du nysgjerrig på maskinlæring? Her får du en praktisk, hands-on demonstrasjon i Python og mulighet til å prøve selv, med hjelp fra instruktør.
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More Workshops to be announced
09.30Session 7: Industry 4.0
Expanding the limits of human capability, Arveng Technologies
Agile Additive Manufacturing, Fieldmade
Instrumentation solutions for Industri 4.0, Ham-Let Group
10.30Session 8: Simulation and modelling
Driving Innovation with Engineering Simulation and Design Space Exploration, Siemens
Physics bases modelling based on monitoring data, EDRMedeso
Advanced Modelling of Sand Erosion to Support Subsea Production Systems Design and Operation, BHGE
Pipe vibrations due to speed of Conveyed Medium, ANKER-ZEMER
Introducing AI to G&G at Pandion Energy: The right mix of technology, domain expertise and methodology, Computas
12.30Session 9: Digitalization
Defining the standard for Digital Twin in Oil & Gas, Cognite
World's first AI for production optimization, Solution Seeker
Digitize your well planning with Oliasoft WellDesign, Oliasoft
Know it before it happens and act accordingly; Key decision support with Digital Twins, 4Subsea
13.30Session 10: Enabling Technologies
DAR inflow control technology, Innowell
Get more for less - with subsea pumps, FSubsea
Coleapri Impulse Pump, Coleapri
Forecasting weather induced voltage fluctuations, SINTEF
Tailor: A novel system for the management and performance of engineering analysis, Entail

SEMINAR 08.00-12.00 – DAY 2

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Spescial Guest Speaker(TBA)
08.45Global Scaling Industry
Professor Per Ingvar Olsen, BI
09.00Scaling into China
Professor Dequan Zhu, Investor and Chairman at Beijing-Tsinghua Industrial R&D Institute
09.30Scaling medical technology into China
Lars Dahle, co-founder and CEO Dignio
09.50Scaling technology companies from Norway – an entrepreneurs' perspective
Geir Førre, serial entrepreneur in Chipcon and Energy Micro
10.30How Northzone became a global VC player
Stine Foss, Partner and CFO Northzone
10.50Business Model Innovation
Henrik Müller-Hansen, co-founder and CEO Gelato Group
11.10Born Global
Heiko Hildebrandt, co-founder and CEO Target Circle AS
11.30Launch of Global Scaleup Program 2019