book stand ssv2016

Dates SSV2016: 5 April – 7 April

In 2016, we once again return to Telenor Arena at Fornebu as the perfect location for gathering the energy industry of Subsea Valley, providing excellent facilities for the exhibition. The exhibition will showcase the latest technology developments, new innovative products, new company launches and industry services.

Included in the stand fee and/or offers exclusively for SSV2016 Exhibitors:

  • Free access to the Welcome arrangement at the Astrup Fearnley Museum on April 5
  • The possibility to attend the Banquet Dinner on April 6
  • Access to VIP lounges for launching news, arrange private meetings and more
  • Program listing
  • The possibility to attend Speed Match where you can meet all the major companies in the cluster. For 2016 we are pleased to announce that Statoil, Lundin and Pemex (the national oil company in Mexico), will attend Speed Match! (in addition to all the other major service companies).
  • The possibility to attend our seminar: “How to do business in Mexico”, arranged by Subsea Valley, Pemex Procurement International and INTSOK.

In addition:

  • Access to Key Decision Makers – SSV2016 provides the best forum to network with new prospects while connecting with existing clients.
  • Promotion of your company – SSV2016 is heavily promoted via the Internet, advertisements, targeted e-mails, news releases, digital messages, social media and more. As an exhibitor, your company’s name will be included in many of these promotions.
  • Sponsorship Opportunities – Increase your brand recognition by becoming an official SSV2016 Sponsor.

Findings from SSV2015:

96,4% of the conference delegates visited the exhibition area.

82,93% of the conference delegates found the Exhibition an important part of SSV2015

84,5% said there were interesting companies exhibiting that were relevant for their company

100% of the companies participating in the Speed Match event would like to participate again in 2016!