Blockchain strategies and technology
2017 was a landmark year in the development of blockchain solutions that overcame existing lmitations of the technology in terms of privacy, confidentiality, auditability governance and scalability. Blockchain is now a hot topic among innovative technologies due to a unique combination of its properties and the vast opportunities it presents.

This session will introduce blockchain technology, how to get started and explore strategies to achieve business value with blockchain. In a joint presentation, IBM and Statoil will share several use cases, projects and experiences achieved by implementing blockchain.
Christian Lassen:
Christian Lassen has worked 15-20 years in the IT industry with focus on sales leadership and business development. He joined IBM Denmark in 2007 and has primarily held roles within Software and Client Management. Since September 2016 he is Head of IBM Blockchain in the Nordics, helping clients to embrace this powerful new technology.
Harald Wesenberg:
Harald Wesenberg is an experienced software developer and architect having worked more than 20 years in the oil and gas industry. Previously he worked for many years as an enterprise architecture advisor for the Statoil CIO with responsibility, and in the recent years he has worked with radical software innovation at the Statoil Research Center in Trondheim, Norway.

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