2017 Subsea Valley Press Tour to Norway 3-6 April

We encourage our partners and members to take advantage of the 2017 SSV Conference Press Tour, scheduled for 3 – 6 April in connection with the annual SSV Conference.

Leading energy editors and senior reporters are invited to visit the engineering and technology cluster in southern Norway and to gather information about the main energy and technology players and their activities.

As a mainstay centre of global excellence, Subsea Valley, and its members, have a unique opportunity here to showcase innovation, engineering and talent.

For journalists, the press tour represents an opportunity to get a first-hand look at Subsea Valley’s dynamic cluster, to establish contact with energy frontrunners in engineering, technology and services, and to develop a deeper understanding of this world leading engineering cluster.

Why participate?

  • The press tour is a unique opportunity to build relationships with a handpicked group of professional and highly knowledgeable members of the global trade and business press.
  • To inform these editors about your company’s latest projects, developments and advances in technology.
  • To position your company as true experts in your specific niche.
  • To feed the press with relevant sector insight and provide insight into your company’s response to wider industry trends.
  • Build the international profile of your company.

For further information about participation, the schedule etc. please contact Christina Dupré Roos, Blue C Partner & Press Relations Manager, christina@blue-c.no or phone +47 936 34 449.